NOTE:  There are usually a few items added every week - here and there - do keep checking the pages that interest you...

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If you are interested in placing an order, please email me a brief description of the item(s) you are interested in, the appropriate code number(s), and what method of payment you prefer to use.   First I will check the availability of what you are interested in.  Please also include your name and mailing address as well so that I can calculate the postage.  I am happy to send packages to all parts of the world.

Please do not put the information on attachments, but include it in the email itself.

For Payment:    

-    I am happy using PAYPAL for secure payments with a variety of credit cards or the use of a bank account. (they have had absolutely no security problems and are very reliable as long as you access your account through their web page).  You can sign up to use their services (no charge to buyers) at:
-    I can also take International money orders.  I can take checks from return customers. 

When you send me your request, I will let you know what the shipping cost will be.  I try to keep it as low as possible, and stick to the Post Office charges.  For a small package to the USofA  the rates begin at $10.00 for regular air mail (insured up to $100.US),  and $20.00 and up for Xpresspost (depending on how much insurance is needed and what the mailing address is)
I can send air mail packages to most countries so please inquire for the price.  It is of course, dependant on the weight of the parcel and the cost to the particular country, but they generally cost $15.00 and up.
Xpresspost (with tracking number and full insurance) to Europe & Australia averages about $55 and up.

If you have questions about items, I am always happy to chat. I do enjoy getting to know my customers.

If you would like to place an item on hold, we can see if we can set up a payment system which fits both of us.  I do ask for a deposit within 48 hours and a commitment from customers to try to keep the payments up to date.  For the first week after customer updates go out, I ask for a deposit within 24 hours as some items are in very strong demand.  I send out monthly reminders of amounts due - to help to stay in touch.

If I don't hear from a customer for 6 months, then the account is closed and items go back out for sale to others.
Please do email me if you have any questions.

All items are final sale unless I have made some error in description, or there is an issue with the item.  In that case I need to be notified within one week of the item's arrival.  If you would like to see something on a trial basis we have to make those arrangements in advance.  Trial items cannot be returned if they have been cleaned or changed in any way.

to place an order or to enquire about items please email me at   (I have had some problems in the last couple of months with some emails from clients bouncing back.  If that happens, please try again in a half hour or so.  It seems to help if there is a subject line as well.  I send my apologies for any problems but my email provider seems to become more imperfect as time passes.)

If you would like to be added to a mailing list (my old one has disappeared with a former computer) please let me know as I am re-building it.  I only send out messages 4 or 5 times a year when I get a good deal of new material at once.  Otherwise do check back every month or so as I am constantly adding things here and there...

I am also adding a page on FACEBOOK named:   Oldbeads    I am just constructing it right now, and will hope to add images and notes to it now and then.  I will be happy to have visitors for it...


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