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The earliest civilizations fashioned beads as amulets and adornments.  The first materials were natural - shell, stone, wood, bone... later metal and glass were used.   Beads were highly portable and nomadic people could use them as a way to carry their wealth.  Trading could be done for cloth, food, livestock...  Beads, amulets and decorations have become more complex and now the largest variety and quantity of beads made and traded can be found in Africa.  I present a small but hopefully interesting and representative selection...  this page includes many countries and societies like the Maghreb, the Tuareg, the people of Ethiopia, Camaroon, Djenne and others...
Reference books cited are:
"the History of Beads:  from 30,000 B.C. to the Present" by Lois Sherr Dubin
"Africa Adorned" by Angela Fisher
"Collectible Beads:  a Universal Aesthetic" by Robert K. Liu
"the Splendor of Ethnic Jewelry" by Borel and Taylor

beaded apron   AF530.   The beaded part of this vintage apron from the Camaroon is 15 1/2 inches wide and 6 1/4 inches tall, with the pendants and shells attached the entire height is 10 1/2 inches.  The intricate beadwork is nicely done with open spaces in the middle of the X's.  The colours are rich, warm and beautiful together.  These are worn by Kirdi women and called "cache-sex" aprons as they hide their sexual parts.      $145.US.
beaded apron   AF531.   I like the lop-sided design of this beaded vintage apron from the Camaroon.  The beaded part is 16 1/2 inches wide and 5 inches tall.  Including the pendants and shells it is 7 inches tall.  The design is very expressive and individual.  These are worn by Kirdi women and called "cache-sex" aprons as they hide their sexual parts.   $85.US.
beaded apron   AF532.   This vintage apron from the Camaroon has a very strict diamond design in red, white and blue - a popular colour combination in many parts of the world.  The beaded part is 17 inches wide and 5 1/4 inches tall.  The entire height including the shells is 7 1/2 inches tall.  These are worn by Kirdi women and called "cache-sex" aprons as they hide their sexual parts.  $85.US.
beaded neck piece   AF533.   This beaded South African necklace is 15 1/2 inches around when closed.  If you are going to wear it, make sure that you allow for a little breathing space.  The white part 1 1/2 inches tall, ridged nicely with a lace look at the bottom.  The necklace has four beaded flaps (averaging 1 1/2 inches square) at the front.  When sitting it is the one with the pink background that shows but you can flip them up and see each one.  I haven't had one quite this complex before.   $300.US.
Ethiopian cross   AF540.   These old silver Ethiopian crosses average 1 1/2 inches in height.  They are $65.US/each
Maria Theresa thaler   AF541.   All of these crosses and pendants are made from Maria Theresa "trade dollars" from Austria called thalers.  They were first made in 1471.  Starting in 1480 they were struck for trade and continued over many years, to still have that same date on them.  They have a silver content of .833.  They have been very popular in Africa, often melted down to make various items, but sometimes cut into crosses or made into pendants by adding a hanging loop.  Pendant #2 is 2 inches tall - you can calculate the rest from that measurement.   $95.US./each   (#3, #4, #5 and #8 are available)
Ethiopian cross   AF542.   There is a very nice variety of crosses here, all priced at $60./each.  #2 is 1 5/8 inches tall - you can use that size to determine the sizes of others in comparison.   #2 & #5 are sold)
Ethiopian cross   AF543.   There are some more unusual silver Ethiopian crosses here.  Cross #1 is slightly over 2 inches tall with a complex design.  $135.US.    Cross #2 is 2 3/8 inches tall.  $90.US.    Cross #3 is 2 1/4 inches tall, and the first one with a design like this that I have seen.   $145.US.    Cross #4 is 2 1/8 inches tall and has an attractive delicate design on it.  $95.US.    Cross #5 is slightly over 2 1/2 inches tall - very plain but elegant.   $120.US.    #5 is 2 inches tall with a very large hanging loop with an opening of 1/4 inch.  $85.US.  #6 is $55.US.   (#1. #3 & #5 are sold)
ground glass beads   AF559.   Although these beads look like granite they are actually ground glass from broken trade beads.  You can see bits of millefiore in them.  25 inches.   $65.US.
seed bead work Africa  
AF569.   There are two pieces of beadwork here, made in Africa and most likely used to decorate clothing.  They could be transformed into neck pieces with a little imagination or work on clothing again.  Piece #1 is 11 inches across at the top, and 1 inch in height - $40.US.   Piece #2 is 12 1/4 inches across and 1 inch tall - $40.US. 
large granite bead   AF571.   This gorgeous granite bead carved in Africa is 3 3/8 inches long.  It has a large stringing hole that a leather cord could go through.  I really like the shape that was cut.  $95.US.  
Tuareg silver crosses   AF572.   I have six Tuareg (from Mali) "crosses" here, each one with its own personality, and each one old and used - not new.  #1 is quite worn from being rubbed, and is 2 7/8 inches tall.  $145.US.    #2 is 3 3/8 inches tall, and lightly worn.  $185.US.    #3 is a little over 3 1/8 inches long and lightly worn.  $185.US.   #4 is 2 1/2 inches tall, and interestingly shaped.  $150.US.    #5 is just short of 3 inches tall and lightly worn like most of the others.  $150.US.   #6 is 2 7/8 inches tall and very graceful as these pieces are.  $165.US.   (#3 & #5 are sold)
hair pendants & rings   AF573.   All that you need to do is look at the cover of "A World of Rings" to see a variety of these vintage pieces from the Tuareg people of the Sahara.  The metal parts are silver and the coloured pieces are typically carnelian or glass.  Ring #1 is beautifully engraved with a long (protective) piece of carnelian extending from it.  The piece measures 2 1/8 inch from one end to the other, and fits a size 9.5 finger.   $175.US.    Ring #2 is a small and quiet engraved version with a small black glass piece to decorate it.  It fits a size 5.5 finger.   $75.US.    Ring #3 has a bit of flair to it.  It is made of coin silver with a bit of brass decorations and a Czech glass bead as the ornament.  It is difficult to specify a size because of its shape.  I would guess a 6.5-7.  $145.US.    Ring #4 is quite large and not meant to be worn on the finger - it is much better as a pendant.  I imagine that there was once a hefty piece of carnelian held on the front, but once broken a piece of Czech glass was inserted instead.  I love the twisted/twirled silver around the back and Saharan looking engraving.  The piece is 2 1/8 inch from one end to the other.  The rectangle is 1 1/8 inch across.  $195.US.
silver pendant Mauritania   AF574.   This is a very attractive nicely made Tuareg prayer box from the Sahara.  The bumps on it are nicely smoothed down from being touched while worn.  The entire piece is 2 1/8 inches tall.  It also has a hole drilled through it, just under the loop.   $135.US.
Africa coin ring   AF577.   There is a similar ring on page 40 of "A World of Rings."  It is from Ethiopia and features a local coin.  Size 7.   $85.US.
Africa ring   AF578.   This antique ring is from Ethiopia and quite traditional.  Size 8.5.   $45.US.
amber and Venetians   AF580.   There are 3 1/4 inches of amber beads on strand #1.  $30.US.   (sold)   Strand #2 is a small group (4 inches) of Venetian trade beads.  $55.US. 
amazonite bead pendant   AF583.   This has been one of my favourite ancient amazonite beads, and I kept it in my own collection for quite a long time.  It is a bead that must have been broken and was filed down so that half of it remains.  You can see the former drilling hole, and another hole had to be made (long ago) to turn this into a pendant.  The pendant is 1 1/2 inch long.   $140.US.
Tuareg gri gri   AF584.   This is a Tuareg gri gri, a protective pendant worn by men expressing their strength and virility.  This has an engraved pattern on one side - the other side is blank, as well as an intriguing design on the "stamp" side.  The piece is 1 1/4 inches tall while the square at the bottom is 5/8 inch across.   $115.US.
Ethiopian crosses   AF586.   Here is a group of Ethiopian crosses that came from a European collection.  Each one is very distinctive from each other.  Cross #1 is $145.US.    Cross #2 is $175.US.    Cross #3 is $135.US.    Cross #4 is $75.US.    Cross #5 is $75.US.    Cross #6 is $185.US.  (it is very thick silver)    Cross #7 is $60.US.    Cross #8 is $155.US.   (#1 & #4 are sold)
Tuareg cross   AF587.   Here are three vintage Tuareg silver crosses from Mali.  They are  $135.US/each.
antique Kiffa bead   AF589.   Here is a genuine "true" antique Kiffa bead from Mauritania which was bought in the nineties.  They were made out of ground up European beads, most likely broken ones which was mixed with some sort of binding agent.  The glass was used to make intricate and symbolic patterns on the cream coloured glass base of the beads.  There are contemporary Kiffa beads being made now, but I have never seen any with the same complexity.   These beads are rare and highly collectible.   This bead is 15/16 inches long and 1/2 inch at the widest.  There is chipping at the bottom which extends a little to the sides around it which should be evident on the enlarged photo.  $145.US.
antique Kiffa bead   AF590.   This is a genuine "true" antique Kiffa bead from Mauritania which was bought in the nineties.  You can read about them in AF589 above.  This bead is in perfect condition with no cracks or breaks.  It is 1/2 inch in diameter.   $125.US.
antique Kiffa bead   AF591.   This conical "true" antique Kiffa bead from Mauritania was bought in the nineties.  You can read about them in AF589 above.  This bead is in excellent condition with no cracks or breaks.  The bottom is a little over 1/2 inch in diameter, and it is slightly over 3/8 inch tall.   $135.US.
Ethiopian brass bracelet   AF592.  I have two versions of this Ethiopian bracelet and this is the smaller one measuring 2 inches by 1 5/8 inches on the inside wrapping around the wrist.  The opening is 1 1/8 inches wide.  The bronze is hammered into a square wire and then marked with a line going down the middle of each side.  It is constantly being worked and then  annealed, worked on and annealed again.  It is labour intensive.  The ends are hammered flat and then curled for the finish.  These are quite rare.  This one is $90.US.
Ethiopian brass bracelet   AF593.   This is the larger version of a bronze twisted bracelet from Ethiopia.  The inside measures 2 3/8 inches by 1 3/4 inches.  It is quite heavy as the metal is solid.  This too (as the bracelet above) was formed as a fat wire with four sides, then decorated down the middle of each side - then twisted in a labour intensive process.  The opening is 1 5/8 inches wide and the curled ends are 1 inch tall.   $110.US.
Africa necklace   AF595.   Here is a necklace bought in Morocco made with a mix of beads including antique Yemeni prayer beads and silver beads.  The pendants are silver pieces from Morocco.  It measures 17 inches around and the central pendant is 2 1/8 inches tall.   $455.US.
Ethiopian silver crosses   AF600.   This is a great group of old, worn, silver Ethiopian crosses.   #1 - $65.US.   #2 - $46.US.   #3 - $54.US.   #4 - $50.US.   #5 - $64.US.   #6 - $25.US.  To calculate the sizes, #1 is 2 inches tall.  (5cm)   (#6 is sold)
Ethiopian silver crosses   AF601.   This group of silver Ethiopian crosses are beautifully worn after long years of use.  #1 - $100.US.   #2 - $95.US.   #3 - $65.US.   #4 - $54.US.   #5 - $20.US.   #6 - $46.US.   #7 - $55.US.  To calculate the sizes, #1 is 1 5/8 inches tall.  (slightly over 4cm)  The prices are all determined by weight.   (#3, #4, #6 & #7 were sold)
Ethiopian silver crosses   AF602.   I have always had an affection for the Ethiopian cross - by the many variations made, village by village, and the wear on the old silver pieces that shows they were touched and loved when worn.   #1 - $18.US  (1 13/16 inches tall - 47mm).   #2 - $85.US  (it was gilded in the past but just a little is remaining - 2 3/4 inches tall - 7cm.).   #3 - $70.US.  (2 1/2 inches tall - 63mm)
Tuareg cross   AF603.   Old Tuareg silver crosses from Mali.   #1 - $85.US  (2 1/2 inches tall - 63mm).   #2 - $105.US  (2 7/16 inches tall - 63mm).   (#1 is sold)
Tuareg amulets   AF604.   The first two of these Tuareg pieces, often used as symbols of male fertility are made of glass.  The last two are made of carved stone.   #1 is carved from a piece of rich blue glass and is 1 7/8 inches tall. - $55.US.   #2 is cast glass, possibly from France and is a little over 2 inches long.  It is a deep rich turquoise.  - $35.US.   #3 is cut from very pale caramel coloured stone - $25.US.   #4 is carved from opaque carnelian and is 1 1/2 inches tall - $30.US.   (#1, #2 & #4 are sold)
quartz beads   AF609.   These stone/quartz beads have a little more than 24 inches of beads per strand.  They are a pale creamy colour.   $65.US/each strand.   (#1 & #2 are sold)
stone beads   AF610.   These are large antique sturdy stone beads traded into Africa long ago.  Strand #1 is 34 inches long with the center bead being 1 1/2 inches wide.  There are a few typical old bits of damage on the beads but they have a great shape and colour and lovely ancient crystal beads spacers.    Strand #2 is 35 inches long.  The central crystal bead has a diameter a little over 1 1/8 inch long.   $320.US/each strand.
stone beads   AF611.   Strand #1 is largely quartz and nicely graduated with both rough beads and smooth ones.  There are 28 inches of beads on the strand.  $185.US.    Strand #2 is 28 inches long with very nicely cut slices of mostly pale carnelian with a bit of quartz thrown in.   $185.US.   (#2 is sold)
carnelian beads   AF615.   This strand of brown stone beads is 26 inches long.  $45.US.
granite   AF618.   There are three strands of antique granite beads here, some mixed with carnelians.  Strand #1 is 27 inches long.  $100.US.    Strand #2 is 25 inches long.  $75.US.   Strand #3 is 26 inches long.  $75.US.   (#3 is sold)
granite beads   AF619.   There is 29 inches of granite on this strand with the largest beads in the middle measuring more than an inch in diameter.  $195.US.
Ethiopian silver beads   AF621.   Here are some Ethiopian silver pieces.   #1 is a typical ankle bracelet with beads of a diameter of 5/16 inches.  The bracelet is a little over 10 inches long with 8 1/2 inches of beads on it.  $65.US.    Necklace #2 is 18 inches long and had half dome beads on it.  The red white-heart beads are new ones - everything else is antique.  $165.US.    Necklace #3 is over 20 inches long without a clasp.  It has the great "flying saucer" beads on it that I love.  $160.US.    (#1 & #3 are sold)
Ethiopian silver beads   AF622.   So far, every time that I think I will never find any more of these tiny Ethiopian silver beads, I am lucky enough to find a few more...  Strand #1 is 40+ inches long and weighs 70.8grams.  $400.US.    Strand #2 has 33 inches of beads and weighs 65.1grams.  $375.US.    Strand #3 is 42 inches long and includes glass beads as well.  It weighs 49.9grams.  $295.US.   (#2 is sold)
Ethiopian silver beads   AF623.   Here are two more strands of tiny Ethiopian antique silver beads.   Strand #1 is 50 inches long and weighs 81.9grams.  $450.US.      Strand #2 is 38 inches long and weighs 59.6grams.  $350.US.
chain   AF625.   I have two Dogon hammered metal chains here, each one strung with one granite bead.  The metal has been rusted over time.  
There is a chain piece on page 66 of  "A World of Necklaces" where the author says "A sacred necklace worn by the Hogon, the supreme religious authority of the Dogon, and by the priest of the cult of Lebe, one of their eight mythical ancestors.  The stones symbolizd the bones of Lebe, the first Hogon."  Strand #1 is 46 inches long with one interesting twisted link and a dangle.  $65.US.     Strand #2  also has one twisted/twirled link.  The necklace is  34 inches long.  $50.US.
spacer beads   AF626.   There are 13 inches of cornerless cube beads here made of low grade silver.  It weighs 41.5grams.  $85.US.

carnelian beads   AF631.   This is a gorgeous strand of ancient diamond shaped beads largely of carnelian, agate and crystal.  The strand is a little over 36 inches long.   $425.US.
granite beads   AF633.   Strand #1 is 28 inches long.    Strand #2 is 27 inches long.   $110.US/each strand.
granite beads   AF634.   Strand #1 is 28 inches long.    Strand #2 is 28 inches long.    Strand #3 is 27 inches long.    $110.US/each strand.
sandcast beads   AF637.   This sandcast necklace has some very nice richly coloured dark patterns of old sandcast beads as well as a couple of Venetians thrown in.  The "amber" beads are simply plastic but they do have a good colour for copies.  The strand is 30 inches long so can just be pulled over the head.  The oval "ambers" average 7/8 inch in length.  The pieces are over 50 yrs old.   $125.US.
imitation amber necklace   AF638.   Necklace #1 is ready to wear if you have a small neck as it measure 14 3/4 inches long.  Of course you could take it apart, add a few more beads, and extend it as long as you need.  The background beads are locally made metal ones, mostly brass.  The "amber" in the necklace is imitation - some kind of plastic I think.  The central bead is 1 1/4 inches in diameter.   $110.US.    Necklace #2 is quite small as well, being 15 inches in length.  The metal beads were made in Africa and the "amber" beads are imitation - some form of plastic.  The largest one is 3/4 inch long.  $85.US.   They are both over 50 yrs old.
African trade beads   AF639.   There are two strands of beads here.  The outer one (strand #1) is a 17 inch strand of pale chevrons.  These used to be very popular but I don't see them too often any more.  $26.US.   Strand #2 is a 30 inch strand of a mix of Venetian trade beads with African made brass ring beads on it.  $55.US.
African metal beads   AF640.   Here are two long strands of African made metal beads, great for background beads...  Strand #1 is 29 inches long and made from copper.  $65.US.    Strand #2 is 34 inches long and made from brass.  $65.US.
Africa brass bells   AF641.   Here is a group of African made brass bells.  All of the beads have hanging loops other than the oval bell on the left.  It seems to have one long ago, but it has been smoothed off there.  That piece is 1 1/8 inch across.  $55.US for the group.
Tuareg crosses   AF643.   These Tuareg crosses were bought in the sixties, and already were old and worn.  They have a wonderful patina to them.  #1 is 1 3/4 inches tall - you can compare the others against it.    #1 - $75.US,   #2 - $75.US,    #3 - $48.US.    #4 - $58.US.   (#4 is sold)
Africa metal rings   AF644.   #1 is a group of 3 rings.  The one with the 3 knobs on the front is a size 8 and has a complex pattern decorating it.  The largest ring of the 3 is a 10.5. - $65.US.   The group of 8 rings work really well on a neck-piece - $125.US. 
#3, the ring on the cord is ready to wear.  It is narrower where the cord is tied. - $45.US.   (#1 & #2 are sold, #3 is available)
Africa brass bracelet   AF646.   This African brass bracelet is interesting with its graceful bands going around and a small amount of extra embellishment.  I suppose this was made for a man as the size is quite large - 3 inches by 2 1/4 inches across on the inside.  The opening is 1 1/4 inches wide.  It is 1 3/4 inches tall.  The decoration on this reminds me of the Bete bracelet on page 47 in "A World of Bracelets."  The pattern going around symbolizes the veins found on foliage.   $85.US.
Africa brass bracelet   AF647.   This is quite a large and heavy African brass bracelet.  I am confused by it as the opening is quite narrow (5/8 inches wide) and is of no help in putting the bracelet on.  One's hand must be able to slip into it.  The inside measures about 2 7/8 inches across.  This represents quite a lot of labour in construction.  It was suggested to me that it might have been used as trade money but it does seem like a man's bracelet.  It is 2 3/8 inches tall.   $85.US.
African bronze phallic amulets   AF650.   These old African bronze pendants represent the male, the penis.  #1 is 2 5/8 inches tall plus hoop.  It has a loop at the top and bottom.   $55.US.    #2 is delicate and carefully decorated with a patched pattern.  It is 1 3/4 inches tall and has one loop at the top.  $25.US.    #3 is 1 3/4 inches tall with a loop at each end.  $30.US.   (#1 is sold)
North African ring   AF651.   Yemeni ring #1 is sold.  Ring #2 has a great band to it, built like a log fence.  The stone in the front is glass.  size 7.5    $45.US.
old shell pendants   AF653.   There are four very different shell pendants here coming from Morocco.  Shell #1 is 7/8 inch across with a stringing hole at the top.  $16.US.   Shell #2 is cut in a raised square with two stringing holes.  It is about 1 inch square.  $26.US.   Shell #3 is 1 1/8 inches tall with stringing going from top to bottom.  $20.US.   Shell #4 is typically carved so that it can be sewn onto fabric.  There are no stringing holes.  It is 1 inch across.  $24.US.   (#1 & #2 are sold)
North Africa ring   AF655.   You can see a similar ring on page 52 of A World of Rings.  This is a Mali (Tuareg) ring from Niger.  According to the book this is a "Marabout ring, talisman incised with magic figures."  The front measures about 1 1/2 inches square with the typical sloped ring band in the back.  Because of the shape I can only give an estimated ring size - I would say 11 or so...  this ring is vintage, not antique.   $185.US.
North Africa ring   AF656.   I have had Moroccan (or Mauritanian) rings with the bead insert (a slice of a 7 layer chevron) before but none quite as elaborate and exquisitely made as this heavy one before.  The ring has an impressive front to it but complex and interesting sides as well.  I wish this was much smaller in my size but it was made for a man with a size 12 finger.  According to A World of Rings - "The beads, called Goulimine stones, suggest eyes, and by analogy are prophylactic.  $225.US.
Morocco silver ring   AF657.   Here are two old Marabout rings from Mali, nicely worn with their talismanic incised designs traced into them.  These are magic protective symbols watching over the wearer.  Ring #1 is a size 10.   Ring #2 is a size 9.5.   $145.US/each. 
Yemen silver bracelet   AF658.   This antique bracelet is from Fez, Morocco.  According to page 19 of A World of Bracelets, it is actually an anklet, though a small one.  "This anklet, a khalkhal, was made for town-dwelling women who liked highly ornamental bracelets.  The beautifully chased interlacing decoration varies according to the city where the jewellery was made."  The bracelet has a post which pulls out at the front to open the back hinges to take it off or put it on.  There are 3 loops on it, two on the floral additions and one at the top of the post.  The bracelet has 4 different stamps inside, one of them saying 1328 which puts the manufacture of the bracelet at 1910 in our calendar.  The other stamps need some research to them.   $345.US.
Morocco earrings   AF659.   These earrings were constructed in France with pendants from Morocco.  The earwires lock closed at the back so can't slip off accidentally.  The earrings are 2 7/8 inches long, one a tiny bit longer than the other.   $60.US.
Morocco coral earrings   AF662.  
These earrings, silver with coral are slightly under 1 1/2 inches long.  The coral is a natural colour and comes from Nigeria.  The beads are a little over 1/2 inch in diameter.   $85.US.
Africa cross   AF663.   There are three antique Ethiopian crosses here.  I don't sell the new versions only being interested in the ones that have been worn for years and develop that beautiful silver surface.  #1 is 1 3/4 inches tall - $65.US.   #2 is 1 7/8 inches tall - $70.US.   #3 is  1 3/4 inches tall - $65.US.
Africa silver cross   AF664.   These antique Ethiopian crosses are really quite heavy.  #1 & #2 have cone shaped extensions, and #3 has tubular ones of solid silver.   #1 is 1 1/8 inches tall - $55.US.   #2 is 1 5/16 inches tall and noticeably heavy - $70.US.   #3 is 1 2/15 inches tall.  $55.US.   (#1 & #2 are sold)
Tuareg cross   AF665.   This antique Tuareg silver cross from Mali is 2 7/8 inches tall.  It has some delicate markings on it, some of which have worn down so they are only lightly showing.  It is attractive and graceful.   $110.US.
Africa silver cross   AF666.   This is a very plain antique silver cross from Ethiopia.  It has the original hanging loop on it which is nicely worn but still strong for wear.  The cross itself is crosshatched with tiny lines from being worn for so long.  The cross is 2 1/4 inches tall.  $95.US.
mixed trade beads in Africa  
AF668.   This is a very nice 21 inch long strand of mixed beads - the blue/turquoise are Chinese made, and the fake amber are European.  The lovely decorated blue bead is Venetian from the 1800s.  The strand needs to be restrung with a clasp unless you can slip this over your head.  It's a great and unexpected combo that came from a private collection of a world traveller.  $185.US.
Africa brass beads   AF669.   These heavy solid bronze beads were made in Africa.  The one that you can see in the photo on the left is 13/16 inch long and 7/8 inch in diameter.   $40./4 beads.
silver bead Morocco   AF671.   I had this antique Bedouin Moroccan bead in one of my boxes for a long time.  Now it needs a home.  The stringing hole on the bead goes across side to side through the tube that you can see on the photo to the left.  The bead is 1 3/16 inches long.  14.5 grams.   $56.US.
amazonite beads   AF673.   I have three lovely strands of ancient amazonite here.  Strand #1 is 20 inches long with the beads at the front about 3/8 inch in diameter - $365.US.   Strand #2 is 20 inches long with the fattest bead at the front 1/2 inch in diameter.  $375.US.   Strand #3 is also 20 inches long with the fattest bead 7/16 inch in diameter.  $360.US.  They are all priced by weight.   (all are now sold)

Tuareg brass bracelet   AF676.   This is a very worn antique Nubian anklet.  Most of the decorative images have been worn off but there are still bits left as memories of the past.  Although originally worn as anklets these are currently used as bracelets as well.  This would look lovely in a display of beads or art.  They are very heavy as they are made of solid metal.  The inside of this one is 2 3/8 inch across.  The opening is very wide (1 3/8 inches) so it would have to fit perfectly to not slip off.  $75.US.
silver Tuareg bracelet   AF677.   This Nubian anklet is incredibly heavy (388.9 grams) and it would be wonderful if it was pure silver.  This is a mix of metals though with a good colour.  The decorations stamped into it are very attractive.  The anklet has been worn quite a lot as it is quite worn inside and at the ends.  It would be good exercise to wear this on a wrist.  The inside of the piece is 2 1/2 inches by 2 1/4 inches with a wide opening of 1 3/8 inches wide.  It would have to fit perfectly to not fall off as gravity will be at work.  This would work great as a display piece.  $185.US.
Africa hair ring   AF679.   I haven't had a piece like this before so am uncertain exactly where it is from.  It is beautiful though and made of silver weighing 24.4 grams.  The ring is 1 inch across and beautifully carved.  It would work beautifully as a pendant.  $175.US.
Africa hair ring   AF680.   Here is a monumental piece from the same area as the one above (AF679).  1 1/4 inches across and 7/16 inch tall.  The carving is very deep and since it is solid silver quite heavy - 67.7 grams.  it would make a fascinating pendant.  $425.US.
Africa silver ring   AF681.   This is a well worn antique silver ring from Rajasthan.  It shouldn't be on this page, but it will be discovered.  Very attractive and heavy too.  Size 8.5.  $85.US.
Morocco ring   AF682.   You can see Mali rings similar to this on page 57 of "A World of Rings".   The silver (not sterling) has been inlaid with copper.  This is an old ring that has been worn quite a lot - you can see the wear on the ring.  This is very heavy at 51.4 grams and a size 10.   $155.US.
Africa silver shell rings   AF683.   Here are some Moroccan shell rings.  These are contemporary rings using old used shell pieces.  Ring #1 is a size 9.  Ring #2 is a size 7.5.   Ring #3 is a size 7.5.   Ring #4 is a size 8.  The rings are $45.US each.
Ethiopian necklace   AF687.   Here is a 17 inch long Ethiopian necklace ready to wear.  This has a great variety of beads on it including a few little saucers.  $155.US.
Morocco nielo pendants   AF688.  
These Moroccan pendants are all interesting.  Unhappily silver from Morocco has risen in price every year as the good old pieces enter peoples' collections.  I am glad to be able to offer antique pieces but apologize for the prices. These are popular nielo pieces.  Pendant #1 is 1 3/4 inches tall - $30.US.   Pendant #2 - $44.US.   Pendant #3 - $48.US.   Pendant #4 - $40.US.   Pendant #5 - $20.US.   Pendant #6 - $32.US.   Pendant #7 - $25.US.   Pendant #8 - $30.US.   Pendant #9 - $42.US.
Morocco pendants engraved   AF689.   Here is a group of beautifully engraved Moroccan pieces.  Disc #1 is 1 1/2 inches across - $34.US.   Disc #2 - $46.US.   Disc #3 is 3 1/8 inches tall including the coin pendant - $85.US.   Disc #4 - $90.US.   (#2 is sold)
Morocco pendants   AF690.  
These Moroccan pendants are all interesting.  Unhappily silver from Morocco has risen in price every year as the good old pieces enter peoples' collections.  I am glad to be able to offer antique pieces but apologize for the prices.  Pendant #1 is 2 1/8 inches tall - $36.US.   Pendant #2 - $30.US.   Pendant #3 - $22.US.   Pendant #4 - $22.US.
Morocco pendants   AF691.  
These Moroccan pendants are all interesting.  Unhappily silver from Morocco has risen in price every year as the good old pieces enter peoples' collections.  I am glad to be able to offer antique pieces but apologize for the prices.   Pendant #1 is 2 1/4 inches tall - $36.US.   Pendant #2 - $28.US.   Pendant #3 - $34.US.   (#3 is sold)
Africa pendants   AF692.   Here is a group of Tuareg amulets.  These are not silver but white metal.  The amulets are nicely made though and decorated.  I will give the measurements of the top hanging loop.  Amulet #1 is 2 1/2 inches wide.  $28.US.    Amulet #2 is 2 5/8 inch across.  $35.US.    Amulet #3 is 3 inches across.  $40.US.    Amulet #4 is 2 1/2 inches across.  $30.US.    Amulet #5 is 3 inches across.  $35.US.   (#1, #2 & #4 are sold)
Ethiopian crosses   AF693.   These are all antique/old antique silver crosses that have been used in the past.  Some show wear from being touched and they all show wear on the hanging loop - they are all strong enough to keep using though.  Cross #1 is 2 5/16 inches tall. 
(you can use that measurement to guage the size of the others)  Cross #1 - $85.US.   Cross #2 - $85.US.   Cross #3 - $90.US.   Cross #4 - $85.US.   Cross #5 - $90.US.   Cross #6 - $85.US.   (#2, #3, #4, #5 & #6 are sold, #1 is available)
Ethiopian crosses   AF694.   These are all antique/old antique silver crosses that have been used in the past.  Some show wear from being touched and they all show wear on the hanging loop - they are all strong enough to keep using though.  Cross #1 is 2 3/8 inches tall.  (you can use that measurement to guage the size of the others)  Cross #1 - $85.US.   Cross #2 - $135.US.   Cross #3 - $120.US.   Cross #4 - $145.US.
Africa silver beads   AF695.   There are 22 inches of bells on this strand of Ethiopian silver.  $275.US.
Ethiopia silver beads   AF696.   There are two strands of Ethiopian silver beads here.  Strand #1 has 29 inches of beads on it - $395.US.    Strand #2 has 26 inches of beads on it - $250.US.
Ethiopian silver beads   AF697.   There are two strands of Ethiopian silver beads here.  Strand #1 has 18 inches of heavy beads on it - $520.US.     Strand #2 has 18 1/2 inches of heavy beads on it - $535.US.
Ethiopian silver beads   AF698.   There are two strands of Ethiopian silver beads here.    Strand #1 has 22 inches of saucer beads on it - $295.US.    Strand #2 has 33 inches of beads (saucers with spacers) on it - $420.US.   (#2 is sold)
Ethiopia silver beads   AF699.   Strand #1 of these Ethiopian silver (not sterling - they have a strong copper content) beads is 30 inches long - $125.US.   Strand #2 is also 30 inches long - $125.US.
Ethiopian amulet necklace   AF700.   Here are two gorgeous Ethiopian necklaces with amulets in the front and silver rings at the back of the cords.  The silver is all antique and has already lived many lives.   Necklace #1 has 24 inches of beads on it with a 1 1/8 inch wide amulet -
$424.US. (84.9 grams)    Necklace #2 has 23 inches of beads on it (the cords of course make the necklaces much longer) with an amulet that is 1 1/2 inches across - $300.US.  (60.2 grams)    (#1 is sold, #2 is available)
Ethiopian amulet necklace   AF701.   These necklaces from Ethiopia are a little unusual and very attractive when worn.  The beads are all antique and very nicely affected by time.   Necklace #1 has a centerpiece of a cornerless cube bead.  There are 18 1/2 inches of silver beads on it with the cube measuring 3/4 inch across - $360.US.  (72.1 grams)   Necklace #2 has 21 inches of beads on it with two cornerless cube and a very nice pendant in the middle.  The pendant is 2 1/4 inches across at the bottom - $358.US.  (71.6 grams)
Ethiopian silver amulet necklace   AF702.   Here are more antique silver necklaces from Ethiopia with the added colour of artificial amber.   Necklace #1 has 28 1/2 inches of beads with a 2 1/2 inch wide amulet - $465.US.  (93 grams)    Necklace #2 has 25 inches of silver with an amulet that is 1 3/4 inch wide and 7/16 inch thick - $274.US.   (54.8 grams)
Ethiopia silver beads   AF703.   There are three very different styles of antique silver beads here.  Strand #1 has 7 inches of knotted beads on it - $57.US.   (11.3 grams)    Strand #2 is 10 inches of solid silver beads - $265.US  (53.6 grams)    Strand #3 is 20 inches long - $277.US.  (55.5 grams)   (#3 is sold)
Ethiopia silver beads   AF704.   There are two strands of hollow "roundish" silver beads in this listing.  Strand #1 is 11 3/4 inches long - $144.US.  (28.7 grams)     Strand #2 is 11 inches long - $170.US   (34 grams)
Ethiopia silver beads   AF705.   Strand #1 is 54 inches long - $315.US.  (62.7 grams)     Strand #2 is slightly over 54 inches long and has a hook at the end for closure - $670.US.  I can sell half of the strand for $335.US but it will no longer be fully strung as I will have to cut the cord at the halfway mark.  (134 grams)
brass beads   AF706.   This strand of "old brass" is 26 inches long and quite heavy.  $70.US.
Moroccan crosses   AF707.   These small Moroccan Southern crosses are $26.US/each.    (#1, #3 & #5 are sold - the rest are available)
silver beads   AF708.   These beads are actually from Rajasthan but wound up mixed with the Ethiopian ones so it was easier to list them here.  Strand #1 is actually three strands of 4 1/2 inches each - $185.US  (37 grams)    Strand #2 consists of two strands of 6 1/4 inches each - $77.US  (15.4 grams)    Strand #3 is made up of two strands of 5 1/2 inches each - $38.US  (12.8 grams)    Strand #4 is 9 1/2 inches long - $157.US  (31.5 grams)    Strand #5 is 35 inches long - $244.US  (48.7 grams)   (#4 is sold)
Djenne crystal   AF712.   There are two strands of gorgeous ancient crystal beads here, with some carnelians thrown in as well.  Strand #1 has 26 1/2 inches of beads - $105.US.    Strand #2 has 24 1/2 inches of beads - $105.US.   (#2 is sold)
Djenne crystal   AF713.   There are two strands of ancient crystal beads from the area of Djenne here.   Strand #1 is 27 1/2 inches long - $105.US.   Strand #2 has 23 1/2 inches of beads - $105.US.
Djenne crystal   AF714.   These two strands of ancient crystal beads are from the Djenne area.   Strand #1 is 24 inches long - $95.US.   Strand #2 is 24 inches long - $95.US.
green heart beads   AF715.   I love the colour and texture of the antique green heart trade beads - originally manufactured in Venice.  They average 32 inches in length.  The strands are $45.US/each   (#1 is sold)
green heart beads   AF716.   Here is a skinny 24 inch long strand of antique green heart trade beads.  $40.US.
African rings   AF718.   There are three very different antique Fulani rings from Mali in different sizes and different grades of silver.  They would often be worn in the hair or fastened to parts of textiles or as pendants.  Ring #1 is 1 1/4 inches in diameter and 3/4 inch tall.  It weighs quite a lot at 56.4 grams.  $165.US.   Ring #2 is 1 1/8 inches across and just under 3/8 inch tall.  $65.US.   Ring #3 is 7/8 inch across, has a deep dip on the inside and a lump of silver on the outside.  It is quite intriguing.  $75.US.
Ethiopia fertility beads   AF719.   These are antique silver beads from the Kefa Province of Ethiopia.  They are of phallic design and known to be "fertility" pendants.  The strand is 20 inches long.  These are truly very old beads from early in the 20th Century, and they are quite beat up to demonstrate their age.  The red whitehearts are deeper in colour than in the photo.  They are clumsily made into a necklace and need to be restrung to be worn.  $135.US.
Ethiopian necklace   AF720.   This antique silver Ethiopan necklace is very nicely made.  The stringing material had been broken at one end - it is knotted and if you put a spot of crazy glue on it, I am sure that it will hold fine.  I simply wouldn't trust the knot for too long otherwise, although right now it is secure.  The necklace is 19 inches long with the traditional pendants on it.  The coral coloured beads are glass.  This is lovely with the double stranding.   $135.US.
metal beads from Ethiopia   AF721.   Here is a group of mixed metal beads from Ethiopia.  There are some with smallish stringing holes and others with huge ones and some do have some silver content - they are being sold untested.  #1 is 10 inches long - $35.US.   #2 is 9 1/2 inches long - $35.US.   #3 is 10 1/2 inches long - $45.US.   #4 is 10 inches long - $35.US.
metal beads from Ethiopia   AF722.  
Here is a group of mixed metal beads from Ethiopia.  There are some with smallish stringing holes and others with huge ones and some do have some silver content - they are being sold untested.   #1 is 10 1/2 inches long - $35.US.   #2 is 10 inches long - $30.US.   #3 is 10 inches long - $45.US.   #4 is 10 inches long - $35.US.   #5 is 11 inches long - $35.US.   #6 is 10 inches long - $40.US.   (#6 is sold)
Morocco necklace chain   AF723.   I was amazined to fine this Moroccan fibula chain ready to suspend pieces from a collection.  The 5/8 inch square chain itself is 18 inches with ends that are 1 7/8 inches long so will hang nicely behind the neck with the connectors in the front.  The entire piece (including cloak hooks) is 28 inches long.  This is a mixed metal but has a good colour to it.  One of the rings between the house shaped piece at the end of the chain was missing so it has a new silver loop through it.  On the other end you can see the funkier original ring connector.  These are very unusual pieces to find.  This is very heavy too, around 180grams.   $350.US.
African trade beads   AF724.   This is a rather odd necklace combining trade beads made in Venice with African made bronze beads.  It really needs to be taken apart and put together in a different way as it seems to have been made for a very small neck.  When laid out straight it is 14 1/3 inches long.  The central Venetian bead is 1 inch tall.  If you took the necklace apart and put the trade beads end to end they would be about 15 inches long.  The brass beads would be about 24 inches long.   $75.US.
Africa ring   AF725.   This antique silver ring from the Sudan region is size 6.5.  It is black with oxidizing and needs a good polish.  $45.US.
Africa earrings   AF726.   These African pendants have been put onto earwires from India to create an interesting pair of earrings.  Each side is different but they work together very nicely.  The shorter earring on the left is 1 7/16 inches tall, and the longer hinged one on the right is 1 9/16 inches tall.   $75.US
Tuareg pendant  
AF728.   Here is an old Tuareg amulet - a tanfouk carnelian pendant wrapped with silver.  There is the traditional delicate etched work around the handle part.  The piece is 3 5/8 inches long.   $85.US.
South Africa necklace   AF729.  Here is a rather wonderful necklace from South Africa.  It is the first of the type that I have had.  The necklace is constructed from glass beads which have been strung together on yarn and wires.  The central pendant was cut out of a piece of white plastic (check the photo of the back) and beads were strung and knotted onto that.  There are some small bunches of blue beads as accents, and chain with metal circles (some are missing).  The strap made of seed beads is 23 inches long.  The central pendant is 3 3/4 inches tall with chains & pendants added on.  This is quite a magical piece.  $255.US.
Africa brass ring   AF730.   This Dogon African bronze ring from Mali has two rattling bells on it so would have been great for dancing.   This is a small ring size  - about a 5 in North American sizes.  The width of the ring from one end of the bells to the other is 1 5/8 inches.  It is an old ring that has been smoothed in places from wear.   $45.US
Africa brass pieces   AF731.   Here is a collection of bracelet/necklace pieces and bells in a variety of metals.  The central double strand piece with double zig-zags is a little larger than 1/2 inch by 3/4 inches.   $30.US for the group.
Tuareg crosses   AF732.   I am selling these two old, nicely worn Tuareg crosses at a discounted price of $145.US for the pair.   They are each  2 5/8 inches long.
North Africa pendants   AF733.   This pair of pendants came out of North Africa.  The shorter one is 1 1/4 inches long.  I am not sure what the creamy coloured inner part is made of.  They would make a great, slightly differently sized - pair of earrings.   $25.US
silver Ethiopian cross   AF734.   Here are two small silver antique crosses from Ethiopia.  These Ethiopian crosses are quite plump and heavy.  Cross #1 is 1 3/8 inches tall.  $48.US/each cross.
Africa stamp   AF735.  
This is a Tuareg gri gri, a protective pendant worn by men expressing their strength and virility.  This has an engraved pattern on one side - the other side is blank except for the signature of the maker made of five dots.  The piece is 1 3/8 inches tall while the square at the bottom is 1/2 inch by 9/16 inch across.  These make great pendants.   $125.US.
silver Tuareg cross   AF736.   I have two silver Tuareg crosses here from Mali.  They are very graceful (as usual) and antique ones, not new copies.  I love the wear that old pieces get especially around the edges when they have been touched frequently.  The crosses are each a little more than 2 3/8 inches tall.   $65.US/each.
Africa silver Tuareg cross   AF737.   This antique Tuareg cross is slightly over 3 1/2 inches tall.  It is very thin at the edges as it has been touched often to bring a good day.  The silver is not sterling grade and has copper in it.  Where the cross has been touched frequently the copper is emerging on the surface.  It is subtle and looks interesting.   $75.US.
Africa ivory ring   AF738.   This antique ring comes from Sudan (Dinka) and is made of ivory.  This is very traditional piece has "dot shaped motifs referring to something real:  stars, grains of millet.  In hunting areas, grouped dots sometimes represent the hunter or the game."  (A World of Rings p.202)  The ring is a size 7.5.   $135.US.
North Africa ring   AF739.   There are two silver rings here from Yemen.  Ring #1 is size 9.   $65.US.  (ring #2 is sold)
Berber earrings   AF740.    These silver Berber earrings are a little longer than 2 3/4 inches tall from earwires to bottom.  The black design is nicely traced into the silver.   $65.US.
silver Ethiopian crosses   AF493.   Here is an interesting collection of styles of Ethiopian crosses.   Cross #1 was made from a trading coin - you can still see traces of the Maria Theresa Thaler on both sides.  It was an original currency that later was remade with the same date and used for trade largely in Africa and the east.  It is 2 1/8 inches tall.  $85.US.   Cross #2 has designs cut in on both sides - both different.  It is small and graceful.  2 inches tall.  $75.US.   Cross #3 is a thick piece of cut silver with melted balls of silver soldered to it.  It is rather unusual.  2 1/8 inches tall.  $95.US.   Cross #4 is a little over 2 1/2 inches tall.  $75.US.   Cross #5 has similar patterns on both sides and is 2 1/2 inches tall.  $75.US.    (#3 & #4 are available, the rest are sold)
silver Ethiopian crosses   AF494.   These Ethiopian silver crosses are quite heavy.  They feel very substantial and important.  Cross #1 is 2 3/4 inches tall and like the others, old and well worn.  $95.US.   Cross #2 is 3 inches tall and very plain and smooth on both sides.  $95.US.   Cross #3 has patterns on both sides.  The simpler one is showing in the photo.  The other side of the cross has dots and circles covering the entire piece.  It is slightly over 3 inches tall.  The hanging loop was worn through long ago and the two halves have been laid over each other to make it continue to be wearable.  $120.US.   (all are now sold)
silver Ethiopian crosses   AF495.   Here are three very distinctive styles of Ethiopian silver crosses.   Cross #1 is 3 inches tall, quite heavy with a well worn (but still strong) hanging loop and a nicely patterned shape - very similar on both sides.  $110.US.   Cross #2 seems to have been broken once upon a time.  The repair solder is very visible on one side, more subtle on the other.  I love repaired items as the importance of the piece is expressed with that.  The hanging loop is worn through so one side overlays the other to hold the cord with no problems.  The cross is 2 7/8 inches tall.  $100.   Cross #3 has had the hanging loop replaced.  The original one must have worn through.  There was a different design etched into each side but the cross has been handled so much that it is almost worn smooth with just a memory of the patterns.  $105.US.
Ethiopian beads   AF498.   These are mixed metal beads including silver but are not of sterling quality.  They are silver with the slightest gold tinge under certain light.  The beads are hand hammered into shape and $35.US/strand.   (#1, #2 & #3 are sold)  
Ethiopian beads   AF499.   These are mixed metal beads including silver but are not of sterling quality.  They are silver with the slightest gold tinge under certain light.  The beads are hand hammered into shape and $35.US/strand.  (#4 & #5 are available, the rest are sold)
Africa      AF506.   This is a gorgeous antique mixed metal Fulani ring (not finger rings but often worn on necklaces or in the hair) from Mali.  The shapes of these rings make great pendants.  The oval is a little over 1 3/4 inches wide and 1 1/2 inches tall.  This is quite heavy weighing 62.8 grams.   $185.US  
African metal rings   AF507.   These rings were used by the Fulani as pendants and you can see where the metal has been worn by the rubbing of the cord against the metal.  Sometimes the piece is constructed with that shape as well.  Ring #1 is 1 1/4 inch in diameter - you can compare the others to judge their sizes.  The rings are  $28.US/each.   (#2 is available)
African metal rings   AF508.   Here is another group of Fulani ring pendants.  #1 is 1 inch in diameter.  The rings are $28.US/each.   (#2 & #3 are available)
Africa carnelian beads   AF513.   I love these heavy, varied and interesting beads.  Most are ancient carnelian but other stones are included as well.  This strand has 24 inches of beads on it with the largest grey teardrop shaped one at the front measuring 2 3/4 inches long.  It is a memorable piece.  The brick coloured piece on one side of the central one has lines making images on it, one of them as a 6 pointed star.   $450.US.
   AF369.   These two old silver  rings are quite expensive - but I thought that they were interesting and unusual enough to bring to the pages.  These are Ethiopian and could easily have been made to contain some magical properties.  The rings are both around a size 10.5 - 11.  $150.US/each ring    (#2 is sold, #1 is available)
   AF376.   These are all old Ethiopian crosses.  Most have the original hanging loops on them and you can see the wear.  A few have had them replaced as they have worn through.  $65.US/each cross.  (#8, & #13 are available, all others are sold)
   AF377.   These are all old Ethiopian crosses.  Most have the original hanging loops on them and you can see the wear.  A few have had them replaced as they have worn through.  $95.US/each cross.   (#1, #2, #3, #4 & #5 are available, the rest are sold)
AF387.  These brass pieces are worn as nose rings or hair pendants in Nigeria by the Kanuri and the Fulani women in Mali.  The work on these two pieces is exceptionally detailed.  The smaller piece #1 is quite worn on one said and smoothed in the central part.  It reminds me of a curled up caterpillar.  The piece is 1 inch across at its longest.   $45.US.  The larger piece #2 is deeply carved in a spiral pattern.  The bronze is a rich dark colour.  It is exceptional.   $115.US.    (#1 is available, #2 is sold)
Tuareg silver pendant    AF390.   This is a Tuareg pendant similar to the one shown on page 55 of "a World of Necklaces".  The pendant section is 4 inches tall and 3 3/4 inches wide.  It is made of silver and hammered into a pyramid type of shape.   In the description in the book the author says  "Tcherot are worn by the men.  The various metals are believed to protect them from the many evil spirits prowling in the desert."  It is fine strands of leather that are traditionally woven into suspension strands and bound into tassles.  The leather reaches 14 1/2 inches (29 inches total) to behind the neck.  $345.US.
African bronze pendants   AF437.   These brass pendant pieces are $34.US each.  They were originally sewn onto fabric but would look great hung from necklaces with beads or pendants hanging from them.  The largest one is just under 2 inches in diameter.   (#6 is available, all others are sold)

   AF314.   Here are some old kitabs.  Some could use a little cleaning - I am selling them just as they were when I bought them.  #1 is old silver 1 1/2 inches tall plus hanging loop - $75.US.  #2 is silver on brass 3 inches tall - $120.US.   #3 is debased silver and 1 3/4 inches tall plus hanging loop - $65.US.   #4 is old silver almost 1 1/2 inches tall - $75.US.   (#3 is available)
  AF167.   This kohl applicator compares very favourably with the ones illustrated on page 347 of "Splendeurs de Maroc", a book which is filled with the best examples of North African jewellery.  Found in Southern Morocco, the Tuareg influence is very visible.  This would make an interesting and attractive pendant on a necklace or would be beautiful hanging from a simple ribbon or chain.  This bronze piece measures 3 inches long, with almost half being decorated.    Beautifully detailed and worn, it is a special piece.  Early 20th century.  (one stud missing) - $60.US.

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