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I have some jewellery made by a new company named Huli.    “We chose the Hawaiian word “huli” to name our company. It means to change, as in one’s way of life, or to turn or to curl, as in the crest of a wave. We believe that we should keep our eyes open, and our vision changing.”
The jewellery is influenced by their South Pacific boat travels and long stays in the fascinating islands and remote anchorages of Papua New Guinea , the Solomon Islands and Polynesia .
OD178.   Earrings #1 are 2 1/4 inches long from top of hoop to bottom of pendant.  They are made of sterling silver and slices of coconut shell.   $36.US.   Ring #2 is hand made of sterling silver with a silver studded wedge of dark bone.  size 8.   $150.US.   Bracelet #3 is made of 2 1/2 inch lengths of horn sized for a medium wrist.   $36.US.
OD179.   Earrings #1 are 2 1/8 inches long from top of hoop to bottom of pendant.  The pendant is 7/8 inch across and made of seashell and coconut shell.   $36.US.   Earrings #2 are 2 1/4 inches long from top of hoop to bottom of pendant.  The pendant is 1 inch across.   $36.US.   Earrings #3 are 2 1/2 inches long from top of hoop to bottom of pendant.  They are made of coconut shell and sterling silver.   $36.US.   The necklace has a shell disc which is 2 7/8 inches across and decorated with coconut shell.  It is fastened with sterling silver and has a fine silver cord to hold it up - which is about 18 inches long.   $38.US.
OD180.   Earrings #1 are made of horn, red white-heart trade beads, and a sterling silver hoop.  1 3/4 inches from top to bottom.   $38.US.   Earrings #2 are made of sterling silver studded with coral.  2 inches from top to bottom.    $38.US.

   OD185.   This bracelet is hand made by a jeweller named Anne Sportun who calls her business "Experimetal".  It was made in the mid nineties.  The heavy silver rings have been hammered with little dots on them, and 7/8 inch long twisted cast pieces hang from them.  It closes with a stick that loops into a ring.  The bracelet is quite heavy and measures just over 7 inches long.  It fits best over a wrist of 6 1/4 inches or so.  $325.US.
pendants   OD188.   I have two pendants here both made by the same US artist/jeweller.  Pendant #1 is 3 1/4 inches tall and features a mottled turquoise piece, shell above that, and peridots above that.  The combination is beautiful and everything is wrapped in sterling silver.  It is a thick piece over 1/4 inch high.  $245.US.   Pendant #2 is 2 1/4 inches tall.  It has a facet garnet at the top, rutilated quartz below, a bar of pearl like a stick going across the middle of the piece, and then a natural stone that I don't know the name of.  Behind there is a pin so it can be used as a broach as well as a good sized loop to use this as a pendant.  The piece is wrapped with silver which stands more than 1/4 inch tall.   $200.US.   
colourful pearl necklaces   OD189.    I just loved the colours of these pearls so thought I would put two strands here to see what other people think.  Strand #1 has many shades of golds, coppers, and bronze.  Most of the pearls are 1/4 inch in diameter but there is a stretch of 8 in a row which are 3/8 inch in diameter.  The necklace is 33 inches long.  It is tied shut, there is no clasp.   $35.US.    Strand #2 has pearls in shades of mauve and pink, as well as green, mixed together, making me think of early spring and my favourite colours at dusk.  The beads average 3/8 inch in diameter and again it is tied shut with no clasp.   $35.US. (sold)

OD136.   I have listed a whole bunch of odds & ends pieces here...   Most of the beads here come from the African trade except for the small plain coloured wound glass spacers from the east.  The two bracelets are 8 1/4 inches long and made from antique Venetian beads which have been linked together with hand wound thick sterling silver wire.  $48.US/each.  The two pins are $25.US/each.  One has a piece of African granite, Tibetan turquoise & trade beads.  The other has trade beads and an Indian silver one.  Pins are sterling.  Necklaces 1($16.US) & 2 ($22.US) are made of Venetians and are about 16 inches long.  Necklace 3 has Eastern spacers with both European made and African made beads.  15 1/2 inches long. ($36.US).  Strands 4 ($35.US - 16 inches) & 5 ($35.US - $15 inches) have an eclectic mix...   (necklace #3 is available and bracelets #1 and #2 are available)
OD126.    These cast glass pieces were made by Studio Inferno in New Orleans.  These pieces have both a voodoo and a Mexican votive influence.  The "hoodoo" man is quite striking with his cobalt blue body and bright red heart.  He is 14 inches tall, quite heavy and equipped with an hanging loop at the top of his head.  He sells for $42.US.
Two hearts are shown here too, both in cobalt blue with silver decoration.  The larger heart (5 1/4 inches tall) is bound with thorns.  $42.US.  The smaller heart (4 inches tall) has some simple flames coming from the top.  $38.US.  (only the thorned heart is available)
OD132.   These necklaces actually look really gorgeous together as they are all slightly different lengths with slightly different beads, all held together with wound sterling silver wire turned into chain....  But the colours and sizes and shapes of beads work together beautifully...  The prices are listed on the scan.  All of the beads have come out of the African trade - most are Venetian and a few are from India or Africa itself...  Lovely for the summer...
Shortest is 18" long, longest is almost 21".   (#1 & #3 are available)
OD073.   This is a wonderful 19th Century silver buckle that must have been made in the east for an English customer, as was the fashion during the colonial period.  This was known at the time as "swami jewelry" since it was ornamented with gods or goddesses.  (see Traditional Jewelry of India p. 388).   It came from the buckle collection of a local costumier.  There are no markings but it is good sterling silver.  The repousse work has been done by hand and is quite exquisite.  For an enlargement of a section of this piece see linked page...    The buckle has two bars on the back to which leather or fabric can be attached.  It is held shut by a simple clasp.  The beautiful women portrayed in relief appear similar to the Indian fertility goddess Yokshi known as "the fly whisk bearer".  (see , p. 244)   This piece has a beautiful colour and tone to it...4 1/4 inches across.  2 1/2 inches high.   $125.US.
OD057.  These little glass earplugs are from Bhutan in Central Asia.  They are old and show signs of age and wear.  These are very unusual items to have and the three different colours are really intriguing and attractive together...  Each of these earplugs is a bit rounded and very slightly flared at one end of the cylinder and slightly narrower and charper at the other end.  I show and enlargement so you can see the quality of the glass...
They are each about 5/16" inch in diameter, and the longest one (yellow) is just short of 1/2" long.  For anyone who plans to actually wear these, they are very wearable as glass is a safe material for piercings - just an unusual one.
I find these really fascinating and just beautiful objects...  $25.US each - just the middle one is available.
OD118.   This is a sweet collection of sterling silver earrings from Fibula studios in Albuquerque, New Mexico, an absolutely glorious state...  These are quirky and use antique Czechoslovakian dice beads as colourful components...  I have a pair with hands and a pair with hearts available.  $25.US/each
OD038.  I have one of these pins remainging - illustrated here that are mirror images of each other...  They illustrate the sun and the moon together, and were made in Oaxaca, Mexico.  These pins are made of sterling silver and are hand repoussed - hammered and shaped.  The wire trim around the faces is also hand formed.  The jewellery made in Oaxaco still has many traditional elements, and the modern, more Scandinavian and American designs have not been adopted here as they have in Taxco...  These pins both have small silver half round dangles hanging from them, as well as old glass pendant beads...  wonderful pieces of hand work...
2 1/4 inches across...  $55.US each.
OD005.  There are three quite different chevron beads pictured here.  The colour combinations are all the same though - deep blue, brick red and white, and they each have 6 layers...   The largest bead is oval and about 1 1/2 inches long.  It shows clear signs of age and wear especially within the hole.  I bought this from an African bead dealer who grew up in Ghana and had owned this bead since she was a girl (30 or so years ago) - and didn't know how old it was otherwise.  Very smooth and attractive.  $45.US     SOLD    The second bead is a flattened oval with a grainy matte finish.  It seems to have been ground down, and I am ignorant about it otherwise.  $30.US   SOLD
The third bead is very shiny and cut at an angle.  It is richly coloured and quite dramatic.  The only signs of wear it has are a few very small chips around the hole.  Again, I know nothing...  $30.US
OD011.  Here are two Ashanti bronze weights from the turn of the century.  Both are basically pyramid shapes and cast from bronze. These weights were used on scales to weigh out gold dust and other small items.

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