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EU126.   This is a necklace from the thirties or so.  The beads are linked together with brass pieces that had been painted white.  The paint is scratched off parts.  There are 11 "wedding cake" beads, white with gold trailing, pink flowers and green stems and leaves.  The beads average slightly under 1/2 inch in diameter.  The necklace is 26 inches long.   $35.US.
Venetian flowered beads

EU131.   This strand of antique Venetian beads does have wear on it but has a beautiful tone to it.  Even with some colours gone it has a brassy look to it so very intriguing.  The necklace is just under 18 inches long with clasp.  It is ready to wear.   $65.US.

Venetian flowered beads

EU132.   This is a nicely graduated vintage strand of Venetian beads.  The beads are white with flowers in shades of pink, tiny little blue/white twirls, and gold waves.  The necklace is 19 inches long with little  clear oval glass spacers.  The necklace is ready to wear.   $60.US.

silver chain & pendants

EU133.   Here is a 20 inch silver chain with three vintage pendants on it.  I am not sure what the pendants represent, two look like fruits and one like a container.  They average 1 3/8 inches in length.  I was told that the pieces were Italian but I truly don't know.  $110.US.

bag made of steel beadsEU127.   This antique beaded bag has a number of areas that have been damaged.  Unless you have a huge amount of patience this is more likely to be used for the materials themselves - metal (I believe they are steel) beads that are no longer being manufactured.  The bag measures 9 inches tall from the top of the clasp to the bottom of the fringe.  It is 5 inches wide, so it contains a great deal of beads.  The entire piece weighs about 240 grams, part of that being the clasp, closure and chain.  The beads have lost some of their colour over time as I imagine the original design was quite bright in colour.  The piece is $125.US.
vintage bag made of steel beadsEU128.   As you can see by the photo this antique metal (steel?) beaded bag is not in perfect condition, but a little experienced work could renew it.  Some of the fringe is missing, but the fringe that exists could be shortened to free up beads to continue the dangles evenly.  The handle needs to be stitched on again.  When shut the bag is 3 5/8 by 4 3/4 inches across.  When open it is 5 inches tall.  The handle is just under 12 inches long.  The colours have faded but have a lovely warm gold look to them.   $110.US.
silver birdcage earringsEU129.   I love this pair of birdcage earrings and have never seen another.  I don't actually know where they were made so placed them on the Europe page.  They are marked .925 meaning sterling silver.  The cages are an inch tall with bases 5/8 inch in diameter.  The entire earrings including earwires are 1 7/8 inches tall.  There is a flat piece of silver representing a bird dangling in each cage.  They are very charming.   $145.US/pair
seed bead bagEU125.   This seed bead bag is around 100 years old.  First I have to correct the colours on the photo.  I can't get them correct.  The lighter side is a very deep dark turquoise colour which is very rich and has the look of velvet.  The other side is a rich midnight blue.  The floral patterns stand out nicely and the zig zag designs which remind me of trellises are subtle and interesting.  Brass coloured metal beads are used in the decorative designs, some of them being facetted.  The other beads are tiny glass ones which seem to be crocheted together very tightly.  The lining inside has some tears in it and needs replacement.  The beading around the top of the piece has loosened in places and needs to be reworked.  I think that is a reasonably simple job though.  The bag is  6 inches tall and a little over 7 inches at the widest.  A simple cord (new and it would be nicer if it was replaced) tightens the bag closed and acts as a handle.  This is very perfectly made.   $125.US.
antique Russian iconEU123.   This is an antique bronze/brass icon.  It is 4 1/8 inches tall with a stringing hole at the back at the top as well as stringing holes in each corner of the central rectangle.  The piece is worn from touching over the years.   $145.US.
Spanish dancer pinEU124.   This Spanish dancer is made in the same style as the figures on the bracelet at the top of the page.  It is beautiful and complex silver filigree with enamelling.  The pin is 1 7/8 inches tall.   $45.US.
EU102.   I don't sell a lot of new items but I found these sterling silver rings from Moscow so charming that I had to add them to the pages.  The images of cats are hand painted and glazed very nicely so that they have a long life to them.  They feature a large variety of cats, each one evocative and sweet.  The circles for the images are 13/16 inch in diameter.  The ring sizes are noted next to the images.  I only have one ring of each type, but if they prove to be successful, will acquire more.  Russia has a long history of hand painted decorative objects, so these new pieces follow old tradition.   $50.US/each ring.
(#1, #7, #9, #10 & #11 are available - all others are sold)
EU086.   This is a 7 1/2 inch long bracelet from Paris.  It has five delicate and detailed charms on it.  They have the same design on each side.  I don't think that the chain is silver, but it looks exactly as if it was.  It hangs softly and nicely at my wrist.  $45.US.
EU081.   This is a great, fairly light weight, sterling silver bracelet.  It is best of all if your initials are "J.R.H."  A jeweller could polish those letters down though, and add something different instead.  The bracelet is easy to bend and measures 2 1/5 inches by 1 7/8 inches inside.  The sides are 1 inch high, and have a nice bend to the edges.  The bracelet hasn't been cleaned at all, so you can see the darkness of the tarnish.  It is a charming antique.  $40.US.
EU068.   Here is a variety of European silver coins.  #1 is from Serbia dated 1272-1316 at the time of Stephen Drautan.  The coin looks very Byzantine with a seated Christ on one side and two figures on the other.  $55.US.    #2 is a Western European coin c.14th century.  The edges of the coin have been clipped away.  That was a way of accumulating small amounts of wealth.  $15.US.    #3 is from Regensburg.  It is a coin from the time of JohannIII von Pfalz-Simmom from 1523.  $45.US.    #4 is a series of 4 coins from the Volga Region.  They are small, about 9/16 inches long and decorated with 3 leaves on one side, and fake cyrillic printing on the obverse.  I don't know their year...  $50.US.   (#4 is available, all others are sold)
Latvian fobEU039.   I have two of these watch fobs made from Latvian silver coins.  One is available.  Both are constructed with identical coins from the same vintages (1924, 1925, 1929) cast during the years of Latvia's independence.  The largest coin (5 lati) is 1 1/2 inches in diameter.  Very unusual and attractive.  The entire piece measures 5 3/8 inches in length.  $54.US each.   (one is available)

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