the East...
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I include all of the East in my listings--near and far...
I often have pieces from India, though the nice ones, like everything else, are getting harder and harder to find.  Sometimes there are odds and ends from China, Afghanistan, Indonesia, and other areas - I never know what might appear, or when.  I have just added a number of items brought from Iran...
The most important reference books I use on this page are: Traditional Jewelry of India by Oppi Untracht, The Arts and Crafts of Turkestan by Johannes Kalter, Collectible Beads by Robert Liu,  Magical Ancient Beads by Jamey D. Allen,The Jewelry of Nepal by Hannelore Gabriel, Power and Gold from Prestel, Peoples of the Golden Triangle by Lewis, The Nagas by Julian Jacobs, Beads in Indonesia by Adhyatman & Arifin, Jewelry of Southeast Asia by Anne Richter, The Vanishing Tribes of Burma by Richard K, Diran, Mongol Jewelry by Martha Boyer, Four Centuries of Silver:  Personal Adornment in the Qing Dynasty and After by Margaret Duda, Ethnic Jewellery:  from Africa, Asia and Pacific Islands of the Rene van der Star Collection, and Old Silver Jewellery of the Turkoman by Schletzer.  There are also four books that are invaluable, written byAnne van Cutsem - A World of Rings, A World of Bracelets, A World of Earrings, and by Anne Leurquin - A World of Necklaces. Two other books of value are:  Beads of Borneo by Heidi Munan, and Oman Adorned by Miranda Morris.
(When looking at the small preview images, if you see them slightly under 1 1/4 inches tall, then you will be seeing the items life size.)
On to the mysterious lands...  

antique Iranian silver necklace   EA2313.   Here is a great, light-weight antique silver necklace from Iran, constructed with pieces of stamped silver connected like pendants, with jump rings and chain.  Stretched out, the piece is 19 1/2 inches from end to end.  The round pieces are 13/16 inch in diameter.  This is a very unusual piece.  $250.US.
antique inscribed black jet beads   EA2314.   There are five antique jet pendants from Iran here, all inscribed with positive phrases from the Koran.  There are often references to 5, representing both the Islamic leaders, and the five fingers held up for protection.  #1 is a rectangle 1 3/8 by 5/8 across and 3/8  inch thick.  2 sets of stringing holes.   $55.US.   #2 is a rectangle 1 1/8 by 3/4 inch across and 3/8 inch thick.  2 sets of stringing holes.   $75.US.   #3 is a teardrop 1 1/4 inches tall, 1 inch at the widest, and 3/8 inch thick.   $95.US.   #4 is a teardrop 1 1/4 inches tall, 1 inch across, and a little over 3/8 inch thick.   $95.US.   #5 is a teardop 1 1/4 inches tall, 1 1/8 inches wide, and 3/8 inch thick.   $95.US.  All of these pendants have writing on both sides.   (#1 & #5 are sold, #2, #3 & #4 are available)
inscribed Iranian jet bead   EA2317.   This jet bead from Iran is newer than the others that I have listed.  I would guess that it is more like 20-50 years old.  This has four sections of writing on it, all with blessings and good wishes.  The piece has 2 pendant holes across the top.  The rectangle is slightly askew and measures 1 3/4 by 1 3/8 inches, and is 1/4 inch thick.  There is writing on both sides.   $65.US.

silver beads Afghanistan   EA2334.   Strand #1 - 16 inches long - $165.US.    Strand #2 - 8 inches long - $52.US.    Strand #3 - 18 inches long - $330.US.   (#1 & #2 are sold, #3 is available)
coin ring   EA2345.   This ring was made from four coins soldered together and decorated.  It is antique and has been worn down a bit.  size 6.    $55.US.
ring   EA2346.   Here is a very dramatic ring from Afghanistan with both traditional and modern design.  This is a very heavy ring newly made with an antique look to it.  size 8.   $120.US.  
silver pendants  EA2352.   Here is a very nice group of coin pendants.  They could be used individually as pendants.  The three small ones have carnelians added.  The large coins are 2 1/4 inches long with loops included.  $104.US.
Afghanistan silver beads   EA2353.   Here are some very nice beads from Afghanistan - both styles are becoming more difficult to find.  Bead #1  is a triple, just under 4 inches long.  $124.US.   Bead #2 is 2 1/4 inches long and beautifully patterned.  $42.US.   (#1 is available, #2 is sold)
silver beads   EA2354.   Here are more beads from Afghanistan - Bead #1 - 1 1/2 inches long - $12.US.   Bead #2 - 1 5/8 inches long - $16.US.   Bead #3 - 1 7/8 inches long - $30.US.   Bead #4 - 1 7/8 inches long - $40.US.   Bead #5 -  2 1/8 inches long - $48.US.   Pendant #6 - 1 7/8 inches long - $60.US.   Bead #7 - 2 inches long - $36.US.   (#3, #4, #5 & #7 are available, the rest are sold)
Naga bronze pendant   EA2359.   I have items from Nagaland on both this page and the "Southeast Asia" page.  Somehow I have mixed my geography up a little.  This brass pendant is both cast and hammered into shape.  It has a face etched onto it.  This is a very unusual piece 2 3/4 inches tall.   $110.US.
ring   EA2362.   This dramatic silver ring has a front that is 1 3/4 inches in diameter.  It is a size 8.5.   $75.US. 
ring   EA2363.   The front of this silver ring is 1 3/4 inches across and has a tall green facet glass stone in the center.  This is a size 8.5.   $110.US.  
bead necklace from Afghanistan   EA2369.   Here is a delicate necklace put together in Afghanistan.  The main beads are a mix of agate, and glass copies of that agate.  Examining them individually is very interesting.  The central bead is an amber imitation.  The other beads are sterling silver, and the necklace measures 17 1/2 inches long.  The imitation amber bead is 3/4 inch wide.   $110.US.
Nagaland glass beads   EA2375.   Here is a seed bead necklace from Nagaland.  It buttons shut at the end with a red glass "button".  The necklace is 24 inches long with a 3 inch long attachment.  The beads are woven in turquoise, dark blue, white and red, 7/8 inches wide.   $145.US.
Nagaland glass beads with bell   EA2378.   There are 16 inches of beads on this 22 inch long strand.  It buttons shut with a glass bead.  This is a mix of carnelian and glass beads with the fattest carnelian having a diameter of 5/8 inch across.  The brass bell is 1 1/8 inches across.   $350.US.
Turkoman pendants   EA2380.   These very attractive gilded (except for #3) silver pendants were probably part of one necklace once upon a time.  They make great small groups though, or single pendants.  They measure an average of 1 1/16 inch in diameter.   $22.US/each pendant   (#2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8 & #10 are sold, the rest are available)
Turkoman pendants   EA2381.   Here is a nice group of gilded pendants from Turkmenistan.  Most have a glass stone in the middle and measure an average of 1 1/2 inches in diameter.   $42.US/each pendant   (#2 & #4 are available, the rest are sold)
Afghanistan silver beads   EA2389.   This is a 17 inch long strand of flat silver beads from Afghanistan.  The longest one is 1 7/8 inches.  The beads are the same on each side.   $148.US.
Afghanistan pendants   EA2391.   I have four pendants from Afghanistan here.  Pendant #1 is quite small, 1 1/8 inches tall.   $25.US.    Pendant #2 is small as well, just over 7/8 inches tall.   $16.US.    Pendant #3 is 1 13/16 inches tall with a nice square piece of glass in it (looks like carnelian).   $44.US.    Pendant #4 is 1 3/4 inches tall with a square piece of glass in it as well.   $44.US.  (#1 & #2 are sold, #3 & #4 are available)
pendant from Afghanistan   EA2401.   This is a rather monumental antique silver piece which was bought in Iran.  It does make me think though of amuletic pendants coming from both Yemen and Ethiopia.  The pendant is 3 1/4 inches wide and 5 inches from the top of the hanging loops to the bottom of the pendants.  It is 1/2 inch thick and opens at one side.  A chain protects the closure from getting lost.  Inside are two pieces of writing in Arabic both done by hand.  They are newer than the pendant itself.  The chain is 20 inches long, and combined with the top of the pendant the opening to slip over your head is 22 inches around.  there is no clasp.  The back of the piece is very attractive as you can clearly see the construction of the silver.  The central stone in front of the pendant is an oval facet gemstone.   $450.US.
Iran pendant   EA2402.   This is an interesting silver pendant from Iran.  It has three facet glass stones set across it.  The rectangle is 2 1/4 inches wide and 4 1/8 inches from top of hanging loop to bottom of pendants. The pendants bang together when walking to make light clunky sounds.   $155.US.
Iran pendant   EA2405.   This is an antique pendant from Iran with writing newly engraved into it on the main section, on each side of the glass cabochon.  It speaks of the past and of the present.  The pendant is 2 1/2 inches tall, and ready to string up.   $55.US.
Iran pendant   EA2409.   Here are two old silver pendants from Iran.  Similar but different.  Pendant #1 is 3 3/4 inches tall.   $85.US.   Pendant #2 is 3 1/2 inches tall with a 2 1/2 inch long chain.  It has been bumped up a little and has some damage on the hanging loops at the bottom with some missing pieces as well.  It all adds to the charm of an old piece.   $85.US.   (#1 is sold, #2 is available)
carnelian bead  
EA2412.   Bead #1 is the only one available.  It has writing on one side and an indent at each end so that it could be pinned onto a piece of jewellery (perhaps a ring or a pin) - it doesn not have a hole going through.  This is an ancient Islamic carnelian measuring 11/16 inch across.   $45.US.
Turkoman silver necklace   EA2413.   This is a rather wonderful antique silver Turkoman pendant strung on a vintage silver chain.  The pendant is 5 1/2 inches wide and 6 1/2 inches from top of pendant to bottom of dangles.  It is gilded with gold and studded with three warm coloured carnelians, each about 7/8 inch across.  This is beautifully made with a delicate etched design that shows much more clearly in real life.  The pendants have beads between the leaf shaped pieces.  Their colours are great but they are vintage plastic and could easily be replaced by the new owner.  The chain has an "S" hook at each end so can easily be removed and used on some other pendant that you own.  It is 21 1/2 inches long.  This piece is ready to wear.   $850.US.

silver beads   EA2422.   61 grams.   $270.US.
Turkoman beads   EA2426.   Here are some antique Afghani/Turkoman silver beads.  They are all doubles.  Strand #1 is 6 1/4 inches long.  $86.US.    Strand #2 is 7 inches long.  $126.US.   Strand #3 is 5 1/5 inches long.  $90.US.    Strand #4 is 7 inches long.  $125.US.   (#2 & #3 are available)
Turkoman beads   EA2427.   There is one pendant and two beads here.  All are antique silver from Afghanistan.  Pendant #1 1 3/4 inches tall.  $68.US.    Bead #2 is 1 3/8 inches tall.  $43.US.    Bead #3 is 1 3/8 inches tall.  $62.US.   (#3 is available, the others are sold)
Turkoman beads   EA2428.   Here are four fat antique silver beads from Afghanistan.  Bead #1 is 2 1/8 inches tall.  $78.US.    Bead #2 is 1 5/8 inches tall.  $55.US.   Bead #3 is 2 1/2 inches tall.  $68.US.   Bead #4 is 2 1/4 inches tall.  $72.US.   (#1 & #2 are sold, the rest are available)
Turkoman beads   EA2429.   Here are five very large beads and a pendant from Afghanistan.  They are antique silver.  Bead # 1 is 1 3/4 inches long.  $92.US.    Pendant #2 is 2 5/8 inches tall.  $110.US.    Bead #3 is 2 3/8 inches long.  $78.US.    Bead #4 is 1 7/8 inches long.  $70.US.    Bead #5 is 2 1/2 inches long.  $58.US.   (#2 & #5 are sold, the rest are available)
ear plugs India   EA2436.   Here are four very different sets of Rajasthan earplugs, all antique and all made of silver.  Pair #1 are 1 1/8 inch in diameter, 5/8 inches tall and have loops on the inside for suspension.  $82.US.    Pair #2 have red facet glass stones in the middle, and are gilded with gold.  They are slightly over 7/8 inch in diameter and 1/2 inch tall.  They have loops attached.  $55.US.    Pair #3 are the largest, a little over 1 1/4 inches in diameter and 1/2 inch thick.  They have central holes that could be used for suspension.  Of course all of these pieces can continue to be worn.  $115.US.    Pair #4 are just over 3/4 inch in diameter and 3/8 inch thick.  They have loops attached.  $60.US.   (#1 is available, the rest are sold)
silver ring India   EA2438.   Here is one more double ring from Gujarat India, again made from silver and copper.  One finger size is a 7, and the other is a 9.  The ring measures 1 7/8 inch from one end to the other.  I love these rings and they are more comfortable than I had thought.   $150.US.
coin pendants   EA2446.   There are three coins from India here, all made into pendants.  Pendant #1 is 2 1/8 inches tall - $65.US.   Pendant #2 is 2 3/4 inches tall - $120.US.   Pendant #3 has a facet glass stone set in the middle and is 1 1/4 inches tall - $50.US.    (#1 is sold)
Afghani silver hat ornament   EA2449.   I have to do some research on this piece but I am told that it is a piece from a woman's head-dress from Afghanistan.  It is an antique silver piece and you can see when you look closely where silver has been worn away from pieces wearing against each other while moving.  When I move the piece the pendants hit each other with a light, soft almost musical sounds - a bit like very delicate chimes.  The piece measures 11 3/4 inches from one end to the other.  Two squares of red glass are set into it for a small touch of colour.  This is a very distinctive piece.   $750.US.
coin pendants   EA2450.   There are some silver coins from the east as well as pendants here.   #1 is 1 1/8 inches tall - $22.US.   #2 is an Indian coin 15/16 inch across - $25.US.   #3 is a small Indian coin 5/8 inches tall - $25.US.   #4 is a rather magical piece, quite thick and with a star image on the other side - $65.US.   #5 is slightly over 1 inch tall including hanging loop.  It is another coin from India - $18.US.   (#1 & #4 are sold, the rest are available)
antique ring with carnelian   EA2453.   An antique carved piece of carnelian has been set into a newly made ring (needs polishing) in the same style as the antique ones.  It is very gracefully made and the stone sits up nicely and visibly.  Size 7.   $135.US.
coin pendants   EA2463.   These three silver pendants look like coins but have symbolic writing on them instead.  Both sides have similar images impressed into them.  #1 is 1 1/4 inch from top of loop to bottom of pendant.  $28.US.   #2 is 1 1/2 inches tall.  $68.US.    #3 is 1 1/2 inches tall.  $68.US.   (#2 is sold)
Afghani pendants   EA2464.   These silver pendants were bought in Afghanistan.  Pendant #1 is 2 1/8 inches long.  $15.US.   Pendant #2 is 1 3/8 inches tall.  $28.US.   Pendant #3 is 2 3/4 inches tall.  $58.US.   (#3 is available, #1 & #2 are sold)
India silver pendant   EA2469.   This antique silver pendant makes light noises when the wearer is moving.  It is 2 1/8 inches wide and 2 inches tall.   $85.US.
cornerless cube silver beads   EA2470.   There are two strands of solid sterling silver cornerless cube beads here, great as spacers.  Strand #1 is over 7 inches long.  24.3gr.  $110.US.   Strand #2 is 16 inches long.  23.8gr.  $110.US.   (#1 is available)
pendant India   EA2472.   This pendant was probably part of a bracelet once upon a time.  It is from India with a delicate and small portrait under glass surrounded by some complex silver-work.   The piece is 1 3/8 inches tall.   $124.US.
silver pendants   EA2474.   There are three antique silver items here.  #1 is a bell and chain from Afghanistan.  The bell has some gold gilding on the top part.  It measures 2 7/8 inch from one end to the other.  $35.US.   #2 is a silver container from India.  The lid from the container has lost its hinge and is being held on with a bit of wire.  The pendant is 1 3/4 inch tall from top of hanging loop to bottom of bells.  It is 1/2 inch thick.  $50.US.   #3 is from India and is very typical.  It works as a pendant hanging from a ring at one end.  It measures 2 3/4 inches tall.  $38.US.
coral beads   EA2482.  These irregular coral beads came out of the midEast.  The only strand available is #3 at $935.US.  The strand is 46 inches long so there is a lot to work with for one project or more.  I love the shapes of the beads and am totally enchanted by this style of coral.
beads and coins   EA2486.   Interestingly, although the beads look like old glass, they are actually plastic.  At some point I imagine the less expensive alternative needed to be used to string up these antique coins (averaging over 110 yrs old).  The necklace is 22 inches around and might be able to slip over your head.  The knot on it looks undoable - so otherwise you might need to restring this and add a clasp.  $205.US.
Afghanistan silver beads   EA2488.   These are typical antique silver double beads from Afghanistan.  They average 5/8 to 3/4 inch in diameter.  Strand #1 is 12 inches long - $200.US.    Strand #2 is 11 inches long - $210.US.
Afghanistan silver beads   EA2489.   Here are three strands of typical antique silver double beads from Afghanistan.  I am always charmed by them.   Strand #1 is slightly under 16 inches long with the largest beads averaging 5/8 inch in diameter - $240.US.    Strand #2 is 14 inches long with beads averaging 5/8 inch in diameter - $255.US.    Strand #3 is 13 inches long - $268.US.
Afghanistan silver beads   EA2490.   Here are two strands of silver antique beads from Afghanistan.  Strand #1 is 15 3/4 inches long -  $270.US.   Strand #2 is 8 inches long - $75.US.   (#2 is sold)
Afghanistan beads   EA2491.   There are more of the antique silver double beads here.   Strand #1 is 6 1/2 inches long - $135.US.   Strand #2 is 9 3/4 inches long - $135.US.   Strand #3 is 8 1/2 inches long - $145.US.   (#2 is sold)
Afghanistan silver beads   EA2494.   There are two pairs of antique silver beads from Afghanistan here.  Pair #1 are 1 3/4 inches long - $110.US.    Pair #2 are 1 7/8 inches long - $62.US.   (#1 is sold)
Afghanistan silver beads   EA2495.   I love this style of rather imperfect beads - antique silver ones coming out of Afghanistan - long and narrow with that great flourish of an oval/round part at the ends.   Strand #1 is 15 inches long - $68.US.    Strand #2 is 6 inches long - $44.US.    Strand #3 is slightly over 11 inches long - $58.US.  (#3 is sold)
Afghanistan silver beads   EA2496.   Here are a few different groups of antique silver tubular beads from Afghanistan, with nice ridges to define their ends.  Strand #1 is 11 1/2 inches long - $68.US.    Strand #2 is slightly under 14 inches long - $78.US.    Strand #3 is a bit over 11 inches long - $120.US.    Strand #4 is 14 3/8 inches long -  $110.US.   (#1 & #2 are sold)
Afghanistan silver beads   EA2497.   There are two groups here of antique silver beads from Afghanistan.   Strand #1 is made of tubular beads soldered into groups of four.  The quadruple beads average 1 inch in length - $105.US.    Strand #2  is a group of very fat beads adding up to  5 7/8 inch in length.  $75.US.   (#1 is sold)
Afghanistan pendant   EA2498.   This is a very interesting and unusual antique hairclip from Afghanistan.  It is made of silver and set with glass facet cabochons.  The metal piece at the very top of the chains above the clip once had a hooked part to it - now just the flat part remains.  The clip part is 2 3/4 inches across and the entire piece is 6 inches tall.  $145.US.
Afghanistan pendants   EA2499.   There are two low silver antique pendants hee - with tools on them - from Afghanistan.  Pendant #1 is 4 7/8 inches tall and nicely decorated.   $68.US.    Pendant #2 is  3 inches tall and set with a red glass stone.  It has tweezers in the middle.   $48.US.   (#1 is sold)
Afghanistan pendants   EA2503.   There is a variety of antique silver pieces from Afghanistan here.  #1 is a gilded pendant set with a carnelian.  It is 2 1/16 inches tall.  $28.US.    #2 is 3 3/4 inch long pendant set with glass.  $85.US.    #3 is a triangular piece 1 7/8 inches tall and set with carnelian.  $34.US.    #4 is a very nice plump piece, almost the same on each side, but one has an air-hole needed when an enclosed piece is heated by soldering.  $35.US.    #5 looks more like a Moroccan pendant but it came out of Afghanistan.  It is set with glass and 1 5/8 inches tall.  $28.US.   (#1, #2 & #3 are sold)
Afghanistan beads   EA2504.   Here are some great antique silver beads from Afghanistan.  Because the sheets of silver are thin and the beads have been worn for years some have dents and bumps in them.  I have tried to show the least perfect side of the beads.  Bead #1 is 2 1/2 inches long - $52.US.    Bead #2 is 2 3/8 inches long - $34.US.    Bead #3 is 2 1/4 inches long - $28.US.    Bead #4 is 2 5/8 inches long - $52.US.    Bead #5 is 3 3/8 inches long - $90.US.    Bead #6 is 2 1/2 inches long - $48.US.   (#1, #2, #3, #4 & #6 are sold)
Afghanistan beads   EA2505.   The group of beads beginning in EA2504 above continues here.  Bead #1 is 2 1/8 inches long - $48.US.    Bead #2 is 1 7/8 inches long - $38.US.    Bead #3 is 1 7/8 inches long - $32.US.    Bead #4 is 2 1/4 inches long - $45.US.    Bead #5 is 2 3/8 inches long - $35.US.    Bead #6 is 2 1/4 inches long - $48.US.   (#1, #2, #3, #4 & #6 are sold, the others are available)
Afghanistan beads   EA2507.   Here is a group of 4 heavy antique silver beads from Afghanistan.  Bead #1 is 2 3/4 inches long - $102.US.    Bead #2 is 2 1/2 inches long - $88.US.    Bead #3 is 2 3/8 inches long - $72.US.    Bead #4 is 2 1/2 inches long - $112.US.
Afghanistan silver pendant   EA2510.   This antique silver pendant is from Afghanistan.  It has a hole in the side that was necessary to let out air as the piece was soldered.  The pendant is 2 1/2 inches tall - $115.US.  
Afghanistan silver bead   EA2511.   This fat, large holed antique silver bead is 1 1/2 inches tall.  When looking at it from above the bead itself is 1 1/2 inches in diameter.  If you include the dangles at the sides the diameter is just under 2 inches across.  I only have one of these.   $110.US.
silver amulets   EA2512.   These antique silver amulets each have a red glass stone up by the hanging loops.  They average 2 inches from end to end.  $64.US/each amulet.   (#6 is sold)
silver amulets   EA2513.   Amulet #1 is 3 5/8 inches from end to end and a little on the heavy side.  It opens at the end with the dangles hanging from it.  Strangely it just has 2 hanging loops across the top that are in the middle and to one side.  I assume that the cap at the end was made when the original was lost which would have had the third hanging loop.  It is rather interesting this way.  $85.US.   Amulet #2 is quite old and has been banged up quite a lot over a long time.  It does not open.  It is 2 inches wide.  $55.US.    Amulet #3 lost its original bead cap at the end, and has a floral one to replace it with a bead stuck inside it.  The amulet is 2 5/8 inches across.  $48.US.
silver amulets   EA2514.   Amulet #1 is solid low grade antique silver with 3 hanging loops going across it.  It is a very old worn piece measuring 2 5/8 inches across and weighing 59.5 grams.  $175.US.    Amulet #2 is low grade silver with a hollow part inside.  It does not open.  Both of these pieces are extremely worn from use.  This one is 2 1/8 inch across.  18.1 grams.  $54.US.
silver pendants   EA2515.   The first piece here - pendant #1 is 2 3/8 inches tall.  $35.US.    #2 is an earring measuring 2 5/8 inches tall and set with glass stones at the top of the bead - red and green.  $75.US.   Pendant #3 is quite small, 1 3/8 inches tall.   $24.US.   (#1 & #3 are both sold)
trade beads   EA2519.   Strands are $12.US/each.   (#1, #2, #3 & #5 are sold)
trade beads   EA2520.   Strands are $12.US/each.   (#2, #3, #4 #5 & #6 are sold)
trade beads   EA2521.   Strands are $12.US/each.   (#2, #3, #4 & #5 are sold)
silver bracelet   EA2524.   This antique bracelet was bought in Afghanistan though it could have originated to the east.  It is hollow silver with little bits inside to give it a little noise when shaken - for wearing while dancing I assume.  There is a lot of interesting decorative work on it as well as three glass stones (2 red, 1 green) set into it.  This is a small sized bracelet measuring 5 1/4 inches around on the inside.  It will work for a wrist up to 5 1/2 inches but definitely not larger.  The opening is 1 1/8 inches wide.  (74.6 grams)   $145.US.
silver Russian coin necklace   EA2525.   This is my first necklace with Russian coins on it.  They are 10, 15 and 20 silver kopek dating in the mid to late 1800s.  Many of them are very worn so you have to look very careful to read the dates & writing.  The largest coin is 7/8 inch across and the smallest 5/8 inch across.  The chain is 32 inches around and the piece weighs 117 grams.   $310.US.
new Tibetan hand pendants   EA2528.   I don't usually sell brand new items but I thought these were just gorgeous so took all of the khamsas that the dealer had to sell.  These were made in Turkey, each different than the others and all made of silver (some with a gold dip to it) set with facet glass (or semi-precious stone) decorations...  #1 is 2 inches tall including hanging loop.  It has been toned with gold.  $65.US.   #2 is 2 inches tall including hanging loop and totally adorned.  $75.US.   #3 is 2 inches tall including hanging loop.  The central part remains the colour of the silver.  $65.US.   #4 is a little over 1 1/2 inches tall and gilded.  $50.US.   #5 is a little over 1 1/2 inches tall and gilded.  $50.US.   #6 is a little over 1 1/2 inches tall and gilded.  $50.US.   #7 is 1 1/4 inches tall - $40.US.   (#5 is available, all of the others are sold)
ancient jet bead   EA2537.   This is another heavy jet bead which I would consider to be antique rather than ancient.  It has two sets of holes going through it and measures a little over 2 1/4 inches long.  There is no script on it and it must have been the divider on a necklace.   $65.US.
antique banded agates   EA2543.   These striped agate beads were thought to be ancient (1000 plus years old) by the London UK dealer who originally had them, but I believe they are actually antique (in the range of 100 yrs).  They are beautiful beads with an excellent colour.  The strand is 21 inches long.   $450.US.
Afghanistan bead pin   EA2544.   Here is an antique silver bead from Afghanistan made into a pin.  The end to end holes are still there so you could still wind a cord through there for some inventive bead related idea.  The decorative parts of the pin have been worn almost smooth by long wear.  The pin is 3 7/8 inches long, 1 inch wide at the centre and 5/16 inch thick.  28grams.   $115.US.
Islamic coin earrings   EA2545.   I have two pairs of earrings here, both made of antique Islamic coins which were holed long ago.  I do not hole antique/ancient coins myself but they were often done in the past to create jewellery, to hammer somewhere as a lucky charm, or to thread together to carry easier.  The smaller coins (#1) are 11/15 inch across and larger, depending in which direction one measures.  Coins #2 are an inch across.  They both have niobium earwires (green) which do not react with the skin so can be worn by anyone.  Earrings #1 - $85.US.   Earrings #2 - $115.US.   (#2 is sold)
silver pendants   EA2547.   I have a mixed group of pendants here.  #1 is a piece from a grooming set.  The piece including chain is 3 7/8 inches long.  $35.US.    Pendant #2 is just under 1 inch across.  $18.US.   Pendant #3 is a silver case with an agate stone set into it.  It is worn on one side but still strong for wearing.  The amulet is just under 1 1/4 inches across.  $50.US.   #4 is an antique pendant 1 1/2 inches across.  It has two hanging loops and a tiny blue glass stone set in the middle.  $40.US.   #5 is an antique silver pendant from India - 1 5/16 inches across.  $38.US.   (#2, #3, #4 & #5 are sold)
East pendants   EA2548.   There are 7 different silver pieces here with different origins.  Pendant #1 from India is 1 1/2 inches tall.  $35.US.    Pendant #2 is stamped with a design and made like a tube with a covered top with stringing ring.  The bottom is open.  The pendant is 1 7/8 inches tall plus hanging loop.  $40.US.    Pendant #3 is 1 3/16 inches tall.  It is set with a red Bohemian glass bead.  $22.US.    Pendant #4 is from Afghanistan.  It is 1 1/8 inches wide.  $28.US.    Pendant #5 is from India.  This is an amethyst set in silver with a wire going through it with a loop at each end for stringing.  The amethyst is 3/4 inch in diameter.  $45.US.    #6 is from India and has script on it.  It is 1 inch tall from top of stringing loop to bottom of pendant.  $25.US.    #7 is a small hollow box from India that measures 7/8 inches tall.  $18.US.   (#1, #2, #3, #4 & #5 are sold)
silver beads   EA2549.   There is a small variety of silver beads here.  The sattelite shaped one is 7/8 inch in diameter. 23.5grams   $72.US.
silver pendants   EA2552.   Strand #1 is 3 3/4 inches across in the photo.  The piece on the chain is 4 3/4 inches long from end to end. 12.2grams   $50.US.    Strand #2 is actually a group of North African pieces.  The strand measures 4 3/4 inches across in the photo.  The longest piece is 1 5/8 inches tall. 9.3grams.    $75.US.
Oman pin   EA2559.   This is a silver pin from Oman.  The Omani markets are full of new pieces so it is a pleasure to have a heavy substantial antique pin.  The circular part at the top has a radius of 2 1/16 inches.  The pin from top to bottom is 4 1/4 inches tall.  The chains at the bottom all hold bells which will make noise any time the wearer takes a step.  This is a very memorable piece.  $355.US.
Afghani silver   EA2560.   Here is a great variety of antique silver beads from Afghanistan and area.  I find the combination a real delight.  Originally EA2560 & EA2561 were one strand but quite heavy so I cut it in two.  I didn't change the arrangement of the beads though, this is exactly how they were when I bought them.  This strand is 15 3/4 inches long.  It's a treasure trove.  (58grams)  $370.US.
Afghani silver   EA2562.   There are two antique strands of good silver beads here.  Strand #1 is 11 1/2 inches long.  They are quite heavy.  (63grams)  $315.US.   Strand #2 is even heavier, solid silver cornerless cube beads.  The strand is 14 inches long with beads averaging 1/4 inch square.  (91.6grams)  $458.US.   (#2 is sold)
Afghani ornament   EA2563.   This type of silver ornaments are generally used on clothing, hats, adornments.  They all have stringing holes so can be attached to fabric or other materials.  Group #1 are square and moustache shaped.  (17.8grams)  $89.US.   Group #2 are round pieces.  (14.2grams)  $72.US.   Group #3 are round as well.  (13.8grams)  $70.US.   (#1 & #3 are sold)
east beads   EA2568.   These three strands of antique silver beads were previously one.  I thought it would be more practical to offer shorter strands.  Strand #1 is 17 inches long.  The beads average 5/16 inch in diameter.  (36.6grams)  $183.US.   Strand #2 is 21 inches long.  (36.8 grams)  $184.US.   Strand #3 is 14 inches long.  (23.2grams)  $116.US.   (#3 is sold)
Afghanistan beads   EA2570.   These two strands of antique silver beads were originally one strand.  Shorter strands are often more practical.  Strand #1 is 18 inches long.  (43grams)  $215.US.   Strand #2 is 20 inches long (53 grams)  $265.US.   (#2 is sold)
India necklace   EA2573.   Two amulets are illustrated here, both worn as protection of the body and the soul.  Necklace #1 has an 1862 silver coin measuring 1 3/16 inch across.  The cord is 8 1/2 inches on each side and knots in the back.  $65.US.   Amulet #2 has a nice sized amulet with bells covering it, but they don't have ringers in them so are very quiet.  The amulet is 2 inches across and 1 1/2 inches tall.  The multicoloured cords extend 8 3/4 inches on each side.  $120.US.   (#2 is sold)
ring   EA2576.   This ring has an attractive square of red glass in it, with something like aluminum behind it to make it shine a little extra.  The face of the ring is 1 inch square, and the size of the ringband is 9.  $40.US.
carnelian ring   EA2577.   There are two very attractive carnelian rings here.  Ring #1 is a size 7.5.   Ring #2 is a size 7.  They are $45.US/each.   (#2 is sold)
India pendant   EA2579.   This is a very large antique pendant/amulet from India.  It measures 3 1/2 inches across.  I see mostly modern copies now that are very convincing.  The ones that I am selling are genuinely old and worn though.  $248.US.
India pendant   EA2580.   Four pendants/amulets are illustrated here.  Pendant #1 is 2 1/4 inches across - $98.US.   Pendant #2 is 1 1/8 inch tall - $18.US.   Pendant #3 is 1 5/8 inches tall - $42.US.   Pendant #4 is 2 inches tall - $64.US.
Afghanistan pendant   EA2582.   Here is a pendant from Afghanistan which is 9 1/2 inches tall.  (59.2grams)  This has many bells on the chains but they remain reasonably quiet, clunking a little instead of ringing.  There is a hanging loop at the top.   $236.US.
Afghanistan pendant   EA2583.   The stone in this pendant is brilliant magenta, not as faded as it appears in the photo.  This pendant is 5 1/2 inches tall.  The chains are very dense and the bells ring against each other with the slightest movement.  This hangs beautifully...  (75.2grams)   $290.US.
Afghanistan silver antique pendants  
EA2585.   This group of three silver antique pendants from Afghanistan is being sold together.  The large pendant is 2 5/8 inches tall.    $95.US.
Afghanistan silver buttons   EA2586.   All of the silver discs here have loops (as buttons) on the back except fot the the large one with a hanging loop at each side.  The large one has a diameter of 1 1/8 inches - the loops are extra.  The group is being sold together.   $95.US.  
Afghanistan silver antique beads   EA2587.   These are all pieces that were bought in Afghanistan though a couple might have been made in India.  The cone shaped bead that you can see in the preview image is 1 3/8 inches long.  Some of the beads are quite heavy.  The group is $175.US.
ancient holed coins   EA2591.   These three coins are all antique and have been used in jewellery in the past.  I have not identified them but they all have Islamic script on them.   Coin #1 is 9/16 inch across, is ancient, and has two stringing holes in it.  $25.US.    Coin #2 is 1 1/16 inches across, is ancient, and has two stringing holes in it.  $60.US.    Coin #3 is 5/8 inch across, is antique and has one stringing hole.  $25.US.
Afghanistan silver beads   EA2592.   Here are four lovely tubular decorated silver beads from Afghanistan.  Together they are 6 3/4 inches long.   $145.US.
east pendants amulets   EA2594.   There are two small Afghan pendants here.   Amulet #1 has a crystal bead inside, and silver caps and stringing loop.  It is 1 1/8 inches tall including hanging loop.  $35.US.   Amulet #2 is an agate stone set in silver.  It is 1 1/8 inches tall.   $38.US.   (#1 is sold)
necklace   EA2596.   This necklace is from Iran and has a group of Iranian/Persian coins acting as pendants.  Hanging loops have been soldered onto them, and decorative pieces with red glass stones have been attached.  This is coin metal and cannot be polished to be bright so it has a slightly laid back more subtle look to it.  The entire necklace is 23 inches around.  The large coins are 1 1/4 inches in diameter.  The bow design in the middle is 2 1/4 inches across.  This is an unusual and interesting piece.   $95.US.
Afghanistan pendant   EA2598.   This pendant from Afghanistan is hung from a loop at the back.  It measures 3 3/4 inches tall and the widest part is 1 1/3 inches across.  The piece is set with coloured glass pieces with a few missing - lost over the years.   $85.US.
Afghani button   EA2602.   This antique silver gilted button from Afghanistan is a little over 1 3/8 inches across.  You can actually slip it into a buttonhole.  The back part is a coin.  A piece of facet green glass is set in the center - $35.US.
India pendant   EA2604.   This fat pendant is a little over 1 1/2 inches tall, 1 5/15 inches wide and 1/2 inch at the thickest.  This is an amulet and one side can open so that you can put something secretive or protective inside.  The dangles make a tiny bit of noise when moving.  $85.US.
Afghanistan pendants   EA2606.   There are two silver pendants from Afghanistan here, almost matching.  One has dangles on the side and the other one doesn't but the bottom dangles are very similar.  #1 is 4 7/8 inches tall and 2 7/8 inch at the widest.  Pendant #1 - $128.US.    Pendant #2 - $118.US.
silver pendants   EA2607.   These two antique silver pendants are similar with details that differ.  They do look great together though and make a light noise when the dangles shimmer while moving.  Pendant #1 has the decorations on one side and is 3 3/8 inches tall - $98.US.   Pendant #2 has decorations on both sides and is 3 1/8 inches tall - $90.US.
silver amulet pendant   EA2608.   This antique silver amulet pendant is 3 3/4 inches tall and 2 1/2 inches wide.  It has great pendants at the bottom like unfinished discs.  $97.US.
India silver pendant   EA2609.   This is a traditional antique silver pendant from India with the foot image on them.  It is 1 7/8 inches tall.   $40.US.
Afghanistan silver beads   EA2611.   I love this style of hollow beads from Afghanistan.  They are antique silver so have been attractively worn and smoothed.  The circle around 9 inches or so and the beads average 3/4 inch in length and 5/8 inch in width.  They have very large stringing holes.   $250.US.
silver pendants India   EA2614.   Here is a bunch of antique silver pendants averaging a little less than 5/8 in length.  I don't know how many there are, they are simply priced by weight.  $275.US.
Afghanistan silver beads   EA2616.   Here is the makings of a necklace.  There are the double beads, and a heavy "S" clasp so you just need to string them together with the clasp to shut them.  Perhaps an interesting pendant or pendants could be added.  When the beads are lined up they are 18 1/2 inches long.  The clasp is over an inch.  The fattest beads are over 3/4 inch in diameter.   $400.US.
print stamp   EA2624.   This antique bronze piece is used as a stamp onto paper or fabric.  The ink coats the printing side and it is pressed onto the material.  There is script hand formed across this 4 7/8 inch long piece.  The hanging loop stands 1 1/4 inches tall.   $60.US.
Afghanistan silver  
EA2628.   I have two groups in this listing from Afghanistan.  The two silver discs with domes in #1 are a little over 1 1/8 inches across plus loops.   $46.US.    Group #2 has little silver bells with no ringers inside.  The long bead to the left is  1 7/8 inches tall.  $48.US.
Afghanistan silver   EA2670.   These silver pieces are all from Afghanistan.  Group #1 has pendants averaging 1 1/4 inches in length.  $65.US.    Group #2 is made up of silver caps to be used over beads or as parts of pendants. They average 3/4 inch in height.  $45.US.   (#1 is sold)
India silver pendants   EA2671.   Here are two antique silver traditional pendants from India.  Although they are both different, they are sold as a pair at a reduced price.  The one in the preview photo on the left is 1 1/4 inches wide and slightly over 1 1/4 inch tall.   $95.US.
ss chain necklace India   EA2673.   This sterling silver woven necklace from India is 19 inches long and 5/16 inch (8mm) in diameter.  The necklace is quite heavy and substantial and weighs 181 grams.  $560.US.
fatima hands from Turkey   EA2676.   I had a group of protective khamsas (also known as a hamsa or Hand of Fatima) listed previously at
EA2528 but most are sold.  Here is an additional group, some of them quite elaborate.  (I don't usually sell brand new items but I thought these were just gorgeous so took all of the khamsas that the dealer had to sell)  These were made in Turkey, each different than the others and all made of silver (some with a gold dip to it) set with facet glass (or semi-precious stone) decorations...   #1 is 2 1/4 inches tall including the hanging loop.  The facet red stones are the colour of rubies - $85.US.   #2 is 2 inches tall with a ruby coloured facet stone on it - $75.US.   #3  is 2 1/4 inches tall with the facet stones the colours of emeralds and rubies.  $85.US.   #4 is 1 3/4 inches tall - $55.US.   #5 is 1 1/2 inches tall - $50.US.   #6 is 1 3/4 inches tall - $55.US.   #7 is 1 3/4 inches tall - $55.US. 
pendants from Iran   EA2677.   This group of silver pendants from Iran is temporarily strung on a cloth cord.  The central pendant is 2 inches tall and 1 1/2 inches wide.  They are all covered in Islamic script typically speaking words of peace and unity.  This can be worn as is.   $135.US.
Islamic jet beads   EA2682.   This collection of ancient jet Islamic beads is no longer properly strung.  The new owner will have to begin from the beginnings.  Strung as it is (double stringing) it measures 9 1/2 inches across.  The diamond shaped beads average 5/8 inch in height.  Most of the beads are patterned on each side with dots or with Islamic script.  This is the foundation of something wonderful.  $600.US.
Islamic jet beads   EA2683.   I have four traditional beads here made of ancient jet in Iran.  Bead #1 is 1 1/4 inches across and has Islamic script on 3/4 of it - $45.US.   Bead #2 is slightly over 1 inch across and has Islamic script all of the way around - $40.US.   Bead #3 is 1 inch across and has Islamic script on two sides - $40.US.   Bead #4 is a little over 3/4 inch across with script along one side - $25.US.   (all are now sold)
Islamic jet beads   EA2684.   These rich black coloured beads are made from ancient jet in Iran.  They are all inscribed with Islamic script on their top sides and have a stringing hole going through the middle.  Bead #1 is just under 7/8 inch across - $28.US.   Bead #2 is 7/8 inch across and more than 1/2 inch tall - $35.US.   Bead #3 is an 8 sides bead with Islamic script on one side.  It has a fat hole going through it - $75.US.    Bead #4 is 1 3/16 inches across and 3/4 inch tall with Islamic script going around and around - $110.US.   (#1, #2 & #3 are sold, #4 is available)
Islamic jet beads   EA2685.   These dark black ancient jet beads (I could not do them justice in the photos) are inscribed with Islamic script - made in Iran.   Bead #1 is a small disc 11/16 inch across with a hole in the middle - $18.US.   Bead #2 is slightly wonky shaped with a stringing hole across the top of the diamond.  It is worn on one side and has Islamic script on one side - $18.US.   Bead #3 is a fat rectangle with script on one side.  It is just under 5/8 inch long - $24.US.   Bead #4 has stringing holes at each end and script on one side.  The piece is 1 3/4 inches by 5/8 inch. - $38.US.   (#1, #3 & #4 are sold)

Ukrainian coral strand  
These two strands of antique natural coral beads originated in the Ukraine but wound up in the East where the love of coral is a long tradition.  The colour is a true rich coral colour that I could not capture in the photos.   Strand #1 is 22 inches long.  The largest bead at the front is 3/8 inch in diameter.  They graduate to 1/8 across at the very back.  $252.US.   Strand #2 is 21 1/2 inches in length.  The largest bead is 3/8 inch in diameter.  The beads vary in size and colour on this strand.  $278.US.   (#1 is sold, #2 is available)
Ukrainian coral strands   EA2692.   These three strands of antique natural coral beads originated in the Ukraine but wound up in the East where the love of coral is a long tradition.  The colour is a rich coral colour that I could not capture in the photos.   Strand #1 is 22 1/2 inches long with the fattest bead being 7/16 inch in diameter.  I do like the black bits and pieces on them showing the original surface of the natural coral.  $385.US.   Strand #2 is 22 inches long with the largest bead being 7/16 inch in diameter.  It also has the black spotting remaining from the surface of the original coral branches.  $345.US.   Strand #3 is 22 inches long with a slightly more peachy coral colour to it.  The largest bead is 7/16 inch in diameter.  $352.US.   (#1 & #3 are sold, #2 is available)
antique coral   EA2713.  
These two strands of antique natural coral beads originated in the Ukraine but wound up in the East where the love of coral is a long tradition.  The colour is a rich coral colour that I could not capture in the photos.  Strand #1 is 20 inches long with beads at the front averaging 1/4 inch in diameter.  $275.US.   Strand #2 is 20 inches long with beads at the front averaging 1/4 inch in diameter.  $276.US.   (#2 is sold)
antique coral   EA2714.   These two strands of antique natural coral beads originated in the Ukraine but wound up in the East where the love of coral is a long tradition.  The colour is a rich coral colour that I could not capture in the photos.  Strand #1 is 23 inches long with the fattest bead being 3/8 inch in diameter.  $460.US.   Strand #2 is 22 inches long and has a 10K gold clasp.  The fattest bead at the front is 3/8 inch in diameter.  $440.US.
Kuchi silver Afghanistan   EA2694.   This group of antique silver beads came from the Kuchi people of Afghanistan.   Strand #1 is 16 1/2 inches long.  $110.US.   Strand #2 is 12 inches long with the beads having a diameter of 3/8 inch.  $136.US.   Strand #3 are hollow tubular beads with ends on them.  They are slightly over 6 inches long.  $58.US.   (#2 is sold)
Kuchi Afghanistan silver beads   EA2696.   There are four groups of antique silver pieces from the Kuchi people of Afghanistan here.  These are really quite stunning beads in group #1.  The beads go for about 7 inches plus there is a bead a little over 1 1/2 inches long hanging like a pendant.  The diameter of the largest open work bead is 3/4 inch.  $212.US.   Group #2 is a little over 8 inches long.  These are beautifully made and quite light weight.  $106.US.   Group #3 is a mixed bunch.  The biggest bead is 1 3/4 inches long.  $88.US.   Group #4 is all cone shaped and paired up.  The heavy strand is a little over 10 inches long.  $135.US.   (#2 is sold)
Kuchi antique silver beads Afghanistan   EA2699.   These two great antique silver beads from Afghanistan are quite wonderful and more rare all of the time.  One is 3 1/4 inches long and the other is 3 3/8 inches long.  The diameter in the middle is 1 1/4 inches across.  The other two beads are an attractive accompaniment.  $210.US.
Kuchi silver dangles   EA2700.   There are four groups of antique silver pendants from the Kuchi region of Afghanistan here.  Group #1 average 1 inch long or a tiny bit under.  $40.US.   Group #2 average 3/4 to 7/8 inch in length.  $94.US.   Group #3 are about 13/16 inch in length.  $65.US.   Group #4 are the traditional heart shapes averaging 7/8 to 1 inch in length.  $142.US.   (#1, #2 & #4 are sold)
Kuchi silver pendants   EA2701.   Here are two groups of antique silver pendants from the Kuchi region of Afghanistan.  Group #1 are heavy pendants averaging 7/8 inch or a little longer in length.  If a customer wants half of the group I can always cut it and divide.  $300.US.   Group #2 average 1/2 inch or a little bit less in length.  $130.US.
Kuchi silver beads   EA2702.   I have two groups of antique silver pendants here.  Group #1 are mostly discs 7/8 inch across and 3/16 inch thick.  $108.US.   Group #2 are gilded pendants with beautiful intricate designs stamped into the front.  They are 1 1/2 inches wide and 2 1/8 inches tall.  Just gorgeous.  $138.US/3 pendants   (#2 is sold, #1 is available)
Kuchi silver pendants   EA2703.   Group #1 are two triangular necklace/bracelet ends.  There is one hole at the narrow end and two at the other.  They measure 1 3/8 by 1 1/4 inch and 3/16 inches thick.  $64.US.   Group #2 - I really like the combo of these pieces.  The flat decorative pendants have glass pieces that are redder than in the photo and are much more attractive.  The pendants are 1 3/4 inches tall and 1 1/4 inches wide.  The longer beads are a little more than 1 3/8 inches long.   $198.US.   (group #2 is sold)

Kuchi silver container   EA2707.   This round silver Kuchi container has a hook on it to keep it closed.  It has a curvy piece at the top (you can see it on the left) to use as a hanging loop.  The container is 1 1/4 inches in diameter.  With the hanging piece included the entire pendant is 2 1/8 inches tall.  $86.US.
Afghanistan pendants   EA2708.   Here is a gorgeous Turkman (Turkoman, Turkmen) antique silver piece (most likely originally used on a head-dress) studded with flat cut carnelians.  The piece is a little over 13 inches across and 2 3/4 inches tall.  This could be adapted as part of a necklace.  $460.US.
Kazak silver beads   EA2711.   These two antique strands of constructed silver beads are from the Kazak people in Afghanistan.  It is a quite complex procedure to build these with a hammered top and bottom and then a wall constructed around them.  Strand #1 is 19 inches long and the beads are 3/4 inch across and 3/16 inches thick.  $208.US.   Strand #2 is 20 inches long and the beads are 3/4 inch across and 3/16 inches thick.  $216.US.   (#1 is sold)
Afghanistan silver ring   EA2712.   This nicely worn size 9.5 antique silver ring is from Afghanistan.  $68.US.
silver amulet   EA2716.   This is an interesting vintage silver amulet that has a tube through it to use as a stringing hole from one end to the other of the piece.  The amulet is 3 3/8 inches long and slightly more than 1 inch in diameter.  The cap comes off one side so that you can slip something important inside.  (30 grams)   $105.US.
antique silver chain and coin   EA2717.   This is quite a heavy chain measuring 31 inches long with a coin dangling from one end.  I don't know what grade of silver it is but I assume it is a small percentage of the mix.  The coin is Indo-Chine Francaise - it is hard to see the date but it looks like 1926.  The coin is 1 1/8 inches across.  This is waiting for an interesting project.  (113.8 grams)   $140.US.
Afghanistan silver  
EA2719.   These antique hammered square silver boxes from the Kuchi people of Afghanistan are great for bracelets - they all have a double set of stringing holes and work on necklaces too.   The group in #1 are 9/16 inch square and 3/16 inch tall.  The strand is 18 inches long.   $285.US.  (82.8grams)    The squares in group #2 are just under 5/8 inches square and slightly under 1/4 inch tall.  The squares measure 5 1/2 inches long.  $115.US.  (30.9grams)
Afghanistan silver   EA2720.   This is a gorgeous silver antique Afghani strand from the Kuchi people.  It includes beads decorated with glass gems as well as other decorations.  The strand is 23 inches long plus a 1 1/4 inch long pendant in the center.  $425.US  (121.3grams)
Afghanistan silver   EA2721.   There are four groups of matching long beads, plus an extra one made into a central pendant.  The dangles hanging from the beads are in 3 different styles.  The strand goes 13 inches around and the hanging bead in the front is 2 inches tall.   $285.US  (80.6grams)
Afghanistan silver   EA2722.   There are two antique silver necklace pieces here - they just need chains or attachments at the back to complete them for wearing.  These are from the Kuchi people of Afghanistan who love all of the decorative touches and the light jangling when being worn.  Necklace #1 is 13 inches across.  The central piece has small pieces of blue glass decorating it.  $185.US   Necklace #2 is 12 inches across with pieces hanging 1 5/8 inches long.  $180.US.   (#1 is sold)
Afghanistan silver   EA2723.   Here is a gorgeous group of 5 antique silver beads from the Kuchi people of Afghanistan.  The longest bead is 2 3/8 inches long and the diameter is just under 1 3/8 inches across.  This is a beautiful collection of beads that are becoming more rare to find.  $195.US.
Afghanistan silver coins   EA2724.   There are two groups of silver coins turned into pendants coming from the Kuchi people of Afghanistan.   In group #1 the coins are  from 1913 to 1919.   The coins themselves are 1 3/16 inch across while the pendants themselves are 1 5/8 inches tall including the hanging loops.   These are sold as a group of 4 for $225.US.   The coins in group #2 are sold separately.  The coins are 1 3/16 inches across.  Including the hanging loops they are 1 5/8 inches tall. 
The circular floral decorations added onto the coins are great.  $57.US/each coin.
Afghanistan silver   EA2725.   There are 3 antique silver Kuchi pendants from Afghanistan here.  Pendant #1 is 2 3/16 inches tall and 2 3/8 inches across at the widest.  It is beautifully decorated.  $95.US.   Pendants #2 and #3 are very similar, both decorated with a thin coating of gold on the decorated/hammered section.  They are 2 3/4 inches tall including dangles, and 1 3/4 inches wide.  $100.US/each pendant.   (#2 is sold)
Afghanistan silver   EA2726.   Here is a group of heart shaped pendants.  They average  a little over 3/4 inches long.  The group is $95.US.
Afghanistan silver rings   EA2728.    These three silver rings from the Kuchi people of Afghanistan look like antique ones but I suspect they are contemporary pieces.  The glass stones are a great bright magenta colour and blue glass stones have been used for extra decoration on the sides.   Ring #1 is a size 9.5.   Ring #2 is a size 8.5.   Ring #3 is a size 10.   $65.US/each ring.   (#2 is sold)
Afghanistan silver earrings   EA2729.   There are three antique silver pairs of earrings from the Kuchi people of Afghanistan here.  Earrings #1 and #2 are very similar and have long pieces to hang behind the ear - these are great in the winter as they won't easily get caught in scarves and pulled out.  They measure about 1 7/8 inch in the front.  The backs vary.  These are $26.US each.   Earrings #3 are antique silver hoops measuring 1 7/8 inch from top to bottom.  $34.US.   (#1 is sold)
Afghanistan silver   EA2730.   This is a strand of antique silver Kazak beads from Afghanistan.  It is a huge amount of tricky work to attach these circles into a round ball since when they are being soldered, other bits can be un-soldered...  I love the way that wear smooths them.  The strand is 11 inches around with 2 attached bead/pendants that are a little over 1 inch long.   $265.US  (74.7grams)
Afghanistan silver   EA2731.   This is a 30 inch long strand of antique silver double beads from Turkoman, Afghanistan.  This gorgeous nicely coloured strand is  $590.US.  I can separate the strand into half, exactly down the middle for  $295.US/each half.
Afghanistan silver bracelets   EA2733.   Here is a lovely pair of antique silver bracelets from Turkoman, Afghanistan.  The bracelet is 2 1/4 inches by 1 3/4 inches across with a 1 1/4 inch wide opening.  They could be very gently adjusted preferably by a jeweller who knows how to work with antique silver.  The bracelets are 1 3/8 inches tall at the front and a little over 1 1/4 inch at the back.  $265.US for the pair.
antique Afghanistan earrings   EA2734.   These antique silver Kuchi earrings from Afghanistan are 4 1/2 inches tall from top of earring wire to bottom of dangles.  They are decorated with red and green facet glass pieces.  The earrings are fairly heavy at 39.7 (missing one chain at the back) and 45 grams each.  They jingle very quietly and lightly when one walks.   $145.US.  
India   EA2736.   Here are two glass multi stranded bead necklaces from India.  They have tiny brass pendant decorations and the red is a deeper colour than in the photo.  Necklace #1 has four strands of red whiteheart beads and is 26 inches around.   $55.US.   Strand #2 has two strands of red whiteheart beads and is 28 inches around with one strand shorter than the other.  $35.US.   (#2 is sold)
Afghanistan silver   EA2738.   I have five strands of antique silver beads from Afghanistan.  Strand #1 is 38 inches around - $192.US.    Strand #2 is 37 inches around - $166.US.    Strand #3 is 37 inches around - $168.US.    Strand #4 is 34 inches around - $166.US.    Strand #5 is 37 inches around - $158.US.
Ganesha bracelet   EA2739.   Here is a vintage bracelet from India featuring Ganesh (Ganesha, Ganapati) who will hopefully bring success to the wearer.  The 3 brass pieces are 1 1/8 inch by 1 1/4 inch and set into silver.  The bracelet is 7 1/2 inches around and closes with a silver hook.  This is quite heavy and sturdy.  $225.US.
necklace   EA2740.   This is a great vintage silver necklace from India, very well made and different on each side.  The necklace is 16 1/2 inches around and the connecting pieces are just under 5/8 inch wide.  One side of the necklace has a row of circles along it, and the other side has symbols from a deck of playing cards - a modern touch to a traditional design.  The piece sits very nicely around a slender neck.  $355.US.
amulet necklace   EA2741.   This silver amulet necklace with elements from India came from a collector who highly polished it.  I prefer a little more patina myself, but that comes over time no matter what.  The necklace is 18 inches around and the amulets are 1 3/4 inches wide.  This was put together by the collector so is not in a traditional format.  $215.US.
India bracelet   EA2742.   Here is an attractive, delicate, vintage silver bracelet from India.  It has a hinge and can be opened to put on so a close fit is comfortable.  The bracelet is decorated with red and green glass stones.  The inside of the bracelet is 2 1/8 inch in diameter so your wrist cannot be any wider than that.  This is very nicely made and east to put on.  $125.US.
India pendants   EA2744.   Here is a group of pendants from India.  #1 is slightly over 2 inches tall.  $38.US.    #2 is 2 inches tall.  $46.US.    #3 is 1 7/8 inches tall.  $46.US.    #4 is 1 3/4 inches tall.  $42.US.    #5 is 1 3/6 inches tall.  $56.US.
India pendant   EA2745.   This is an antique silver pendant from India portraying Tirupati Balaji, a Hindu lord.  When I googled his name I found a number of stories and temples but I don't know about him otherwise.  I was charmed by the pendant itself.  The piece is 3 1/4 inches tall and 2 3/8 inches wide.  $245.US.
pendant   EA2746.   Here is a silver antique pendant from India.  It has a smile-like curve to it with an opening for attachment at each end.  It is 4 inches across at the widest and 2 inches in height.  A very interesting piece with a spiral pattern travelling around it.  It is quite heavy.  $140.US.
beads   EA2748.   There are two necklaces here from India.  Strand #1 has 24 inches of red whitehearts and 24 inches of white beads.  It is closed with a silver 2 annas coin from 1888.    Strand #2 is the same size as #1 and closed with a silver 2 annas coin from 1901.  $60.US/each strand.
India bracelet   EA2749.   This style of silver bracelet is shown in the middle of the page on page 204 of the invaluable book "A World of Bracelets".    The author says "The crescent-shaped bracelet which is sometimes intended for self-defense comes from Gujarat."  This antique bracelet is quite heavy at 176 grams.  The widest part of the bracelet is 3 1/2 inches across.  The inside of the bracelet is 2 inches by 1 5/8 inches across with a 1 3/8 inch wide opening.  This bracelet needs to fit very closely so that it doesn't fall off.  This came from a personal collection.    $350.US.
Afghanistan beads   EA2750.   Strand #1 of these melon shaped antique Afghani silverbeads is 4 7/8 inches (125mm) long and 5/8 inches (15mm) in diameter.  $116.US    Strand #2 are solid (so heavy) cornerless cube antique silver beads that are 6 1/2 inches (158mm)  long and just under 3/8 inch (10mm) in diameter.   $210.US   (#1 is sold)
Afghanistan pendant   EA2751.   There are two groups of these pendants.  The antique silver pendants from Afghanistan are 3/4 inches (19mm) long.  Strand #1has 29 pendants. $145.US   Strand #2 has 23 pendants.  $115.US.
Afghanistan pendants   EA2752.   These antique pendants from Afghanistan are quite unusual.  They have big stringing holes and are 3/4 inches (19mm) long.  They are quite worn and have an intrigueing look to them.   Strand #1has 10 pendants.  $115.US. Strand #2 has 9 pendants.  $105.US.
Afghanistan silver   EA2753.  
These antique hammered square silver boxes from the Kuchi people of Afghanistan are great for bracelets - they all have a double set of stringing holes and work on necklaces too.  Group #1 is 8 1/2 inches long. (21.5cm)  $155.US.   Group #2 is 9 1/2 inches (24.2cm) long.  $160.US.   Group #3 is 7 1/8 inches (18cm) long.  $122.US.
India coins antique   EA2754.   These groups of silver coins from India have been made into pendants.  They are from the late 1800s under the reign of Queen Victoria.  The coins including pendant loops are 13/16 inches tall.  Group #1 is $95.US.   Group #2 is $100.US.
antique Indian coins   EA2755.   These groups of silver coins from India have been made into pendants.  They are from the reign of King Edward VII and date in the first decade of 1900.  Group #1 is $95.US.    Group #2 is $95.US.
Afghanistan beads   EA2756.   These are some great antique silver beads from Afghanistan.  I have only had this type once before.  The pattern on the beads makes them more distinctive and they mix well with glass & stone beads.  Strand #1 is over 31 inches long.  The fattest parts of the beads average just under 1/2 inch in diameter.  ($280.US) - this is now a half strand measuring 15 1/2 inches long for $140.US.    Strand #2 is 14 inches long.  $128.US   (#2 is sold, half of strand #1 is available)
India pendant   EA2757.  These three pendants are from India.  Pendant #1 is 1 5/8 inches tall.   Pendant #2 is 1 3/8 inches tall.    Pendant #3 is 1 1/4 inches tall.   $16.US/each pendant
Afghanistan bracelet   EA2758.   This antique silver wrap bracelet from Afghanistan is quite flexible so easy to squeeze tighter or relax a little.  The bracelet is 2 1/2 inches tall.  The bracelet itself is 7 inches around at the top and 6 inches around on the bottom.  That does not take into account the space.  $155.US.
Afghanistan necklace   EA2759.   $185.US.
Afghanistan antique ring   EA2761.   These two silver rings from Afghanistan are set with facet glass stones.  Ring #1 is a size 9.5.  $28.US    Ring #2 is a size 8.  $38.US.
Afghanistan ring   EA2762.   This antique silver ring from Afghanistan is set with glass stones.  It is a size 8.5.  $45.US.
Afghanistan ring   EA2763.   This antiqued silver ring from Afghanistan has been enamelled and set with a glass stone in the front.  size 10.  $38.US.
Middle East antique coral beads   EA2764.   There are three very nicely coloured warm strands of antique coral beads here.  They are a better colour than the photo illustrates.  Each strand is very different than the others - it is great to see their different personalities.  They are made as necklaces but I always recommend restringing, not knowing the strength of the current cord that has been used.   Strand #1 has a mix of oval coral beads with brass rings.  The seven lumpy beads are a very attractive contrast.  The entire necklace is 31 inches around.  The central coral bead is about 5/8 inch in diameter.  $355.US.   Strand #2 is 32 inches around and has a collection of antique coins on it.  From their design they look Turkish.  The largest coins are 3/4 inch in diameter, and they are all very thin.  $480.US.   Strand #3 includes vintage sterling silver beads, two blue stones, and a piece of turquoise.  The necklace is 31 inches around.   $375.US.   (strand #3 is sold, strands #1 & #2 are available)
India silver pendants antique   EA2765.   These are all antique pendants from India.  There are many imitations of the antique ones, but these are all lovely worn sterling silver pieces.  To calculate sizes, pendant #3 is 2 5/8 inches tall and 1 7/8 inch at the widest.  The prices are all calculated by weight.   Pendant #1 - $22.US.   Pendant #2 - $46.US.   Pendant #3 - $55.US.   Pendant #4 - $36.US.   Pendant #5 - $40.US.   Pendant #6 - $26.US.   Pendant #7 - $36.US.   Pendant #8 - $50.US.   Pendant #9 - $64.US.   Pendant #10 - $20.US.   (pendant #3 is sold)
Silver pendant Middle East   EA2766.   This lovely cut and hammered Middle Eastern pendant needs a cleaning.  Somebody used a material to determine that it is sterling silver, but did it on the FRONT of the piece, rather than doing it on the back.  It takes a good cleaning to take the dark mark off.  It will completely disappear though, and the pendant will look beautiful strung up.  The pendant is 3 3/8 inches tall.  $175.US.
red whiteheart beads   EA2767.   Here is a collection of antique red whiteheart beads.  They are all tiny, but vary a little in size and darkness of red.  Here are the lengths:  Strand #1 - 24".   Strand #2 - 24".   Strand #3 - 22".   Strand #4 - 24".   Strand #5 - 24".   Strand #6 - 24".   Strand #7 - 20".   Strand #8 - 24".   Strand #9 - 22".   Strand #10 - 24".   Strand #11 - 21".   Strand #12 - 36".   Strand #13 - 69".   Strand #14 - 44".
Strands #1 - #11 are $10.US/each.  Strand #12 is $15.US,  Strand #13 is $30.US,  Strand #14 is $18.US.
silver beads Afghanistan   EA2285.   Here are some typical Turkoman silver beads.  The old ones like these are becoming more rare as time passes.  #1 is a single bead which looks like three and is 3 inches wide - $62.US   #2 is a pendant 1 3/8 inches long - $22.US   #3 is a longer pendant of slightly over 1 1/2 inches in length - $30.US   #4 is about 12 1/3 inches long with all of the beads being made out of two joined ones.  They have a great worn smoothed feel to them. - $156.US   (#4 is available, the others are sold)
silver pendants Afghanistane   EA2297.   #1 - This graceful pendant has a beautifully etched floral design on it.  It is (including hanging loops) 3 3/4 inches tall and the widest part is 3 inches.  $162.US   #2 is a pendant from the same area of Afghanistan, close to Iran.  It has beads attached which made a perfect necklace.  Right now it just ties at the back but a hook closure could be easily added.  The pendant itself is 3 1/2 inches tall, and the strand of beads is just under 22 inches long, with much of it a double strand - $310.US   (#1 is sold, #2 is available)
Afghanistan silver ring   EA2301.   $45.US   size 9.5
Afghani silver pendants   EA2307.   group of hammered silver pendants with Arabic writing on them - measuring 1 1/4 inches tall.  The colour in the photo is a little deceptive as they are silver coloured.  $135.US

Eastern silver pendant   EA2247.   This is quite a heavy antique pendant as it is solid silver (68 grams).  The outer pendants are nicely worn but their strength has not been affected, it is just a sign of the fact that this piece had been worn for a long time.  I don't have an interpretation of the Islamic writing on it yet, but good wishes are always the main thing being asked for...  The pendant is 2 3/8 inches tall (including hanging loops) and 2 7/8 inches wide.  It is very impressive.    $255.US
Thailand ring   EA2254.   This is a newly made silver ring from Thailand.  It echoes rings of the past as you can see on page 172 of "A World of Rings".  It is beautifully made and would sit quite wonderfully as a pendant.  The ring size is quite large - a 12, and the ring measures 2 1/8 inches from one end to the other.    $145.US.

Kazak pendant   EA2041.   This is an elaborate Kazak pendant covered with silver squiggles and floral patterns, as well as hung with pendants.  There is interesting work on all parts of this 5 3/8 inch wide piece.  From top of hanging loop to bottom of pendants the pendant measures 6 1/3 inches tall.  I love the way this pendant sits when it is close to the neck - the triangle sits nicely on the upper chest and looks very dramatic.  81grams.  $185.US.
Kazak pendant   EA2044.   This pair of elaborate pendants is from the Kazak tribes of Afghanistan.  The double amulets are quite wonderful - - these are elaborately made with great detail.  The pendants are hung with real coral and make a sweet sound when walking.  They do hang nicely - I left one messy when I took the photo but it doesn't hang like that.  The amulets are 3 3/4 inches wide and the pieces are 5 3/8 inches tall.  This is quite unusual.   $205.US/each pendant.   (#1 is available, #2 is sold)
Kazak pendant   EA2045.   These two amulet pendants are from the Kazak tribes of Afghanistan.  As typical they are highly decorated on all sides.  These are highly impressive in their detail and texture.  The pieces are 8 3/4 inches tall and 3 1/2 inches wide.   Sold separately, they are  $275.US/each pendant.

Turkoman silver beads   EA2064.   Here is a whole group of pairs of the double beads - two beads soldered together with a tube in between...  Most of the pairs are very similar to each other, but on some there is a little contrast as well.   #1 is a variety of sizes longest being 1 3/4 inches long - 26.7grams - $66.US.     #2 is 1 7/8 inches long - 21.2grams - $53.US.     #3 is 1 9/16 inches long - 10.7grams - $27.US.     #4 is 1 3/4 inches long - 18.6grams - $46.US.  (#4 is sold)   #5 is 1 3/4 inches long - 18.6grams - $46.US.  (#5 is sold)    #6 is 1 7/8 inches long - 18.7grams - $46.US.   (#6 is sold)    (#1 is available)
Afghanistan silver beads   EA2065.   These are excellent silver beads averaging about 1 3/8 inches long.  Even though they are hollow, they are quite heavy which is why I divided the one strand into three.   Strand #1 is 13 inches long - 83.6grams - $209.US.   (#1 is sold)   Strand #2 is 13 1/2 inches long - 71.4grams - $178.US.     Strand #3 is 14 1/2 inches long - 73.4grams - $183.US.   (#3 is available, the rest are sold)

ancient jet beads   EA2125.   This is the most expensive strand of 12th Century jet that I have had for sale partly because of its weight and also because the types of beads are highly collectible and very difficult to find.  I was thinking that there might not be another chance in the future to see these beads and I wanted to spend a little time looking them over and considering their history.  The melon shapes and the oval facet bead are really wonderful and very very old.  The pendant is huge - measuring 2 1/5 inches tall, 2 inches wide and 3/4 inch thick.  It is softly facetted on both sides.  The double holed beads at the top have circles patterned into them and sit very nicely as a contrast to the others.  This has enough beads to be restrung properly as a necklace.  There are 15 inches of beads plus pendant.  This is really quite amazing.   $1150.US.

silver bazuband Afghanistan   EA2159.   This is a bazuband from Afghanistan.  It is fairly new, maybe only 20 or 30 years old, but made in the same way as the antique ones.  The piece has loops at each end of the back so that cords can go through and the bazuband can be tied to the upper arm.  The curve to it, and the hinges make it fit nicely against the arm.  It measures 5 1/3 inches long and 2 3/4 inches tall at the tallest.   $138.US.
antique Turkoman beads   EA2164.   These are the Turkoman beads where each bead is paired as two joined beads.  There are 9 beads altogether with the central bead being 1 1/4 inches long and 7/8 inches in diameter.  They add up to slightly over 14 inches long.   $168.US.

Afghanistan silver pipe   EA2192.   I have sold a few pipes from various areas simply because they are so aesthetically attractive.  This one is sterling silver over a wooden form inside.  It has been hammered with fine designs and beautifully wrapped.  I like the angle of the stem against the upright pipe.  It still has the slightest tobacco smell to it.  The Afghani pipe is 6 1/2 inches long and the upright piece - 2 1/8 inches tall.   $220.US.
silver stamp seal   EA2194.   I am told by my Afghani dealer that this stamp seal has the name of a chief of a village on it.  The seal is made of two hinged pieces so that it can hang or be folded flat.  The square part is 1 1/8 inches across.  The "handle" is 1 3/16 inches tall.   $110.US.

ancient Islamic jet beads   EA2211.   Here are two plain teardrop shaped Islamic jet beads - there is no writing on them but they are cut in attractive shapes that would work well as centerpieces of necklaces.  The small one - #1 - is 1 3/16 inches tall.   $25.US.     #2, the large one is 1 7/8 inches tall.   $45.US.
silver beads Afghanistan   EA2215.   This 31 inch long strand of beads from Afghanistan is  $315.US.
silver pendants Afghanistan   EA2226.   There are two very interesting pendants here, brought out of Afghanistan.   Pendant #1 is nicely curved and has two big loops at the back for stringing through.  The piece has a design cut into it which holds green and blue glass enamel.   $56.US.   Pendant #2 is quite thick with a rectangle that measures 1 2/3 inches across.  It is enamelled with a dark green, has a shield shape in the middle and writing on it.  There are two glass stones above and teeth inserted below.   $145.US.   (#1 is sold, #2 is available)
Afghanistan pin   EA2234.   This end to end silver bead from Afghanistan has been changed into a broach with a pin soldered onto the back.  It is 2 7/8 inches across.   $75.US.
silver rings Afghanistan   EA2237.   Ring #1 - size 7.5 - $38.US.   Ring #2 - size 10.5 (with glass cut stone) - $38.US.   (#1 is sold, #2 is available)

   EA1046.   $36.US/each coin    (4 are remaining)

The secondary images of the rings below (EA1053 TO EA1059) are enlargements...
   EA1053.   Afghanistan ring size 10 - $115.US.
   EA1054.   Afghanistan ring size 10 - $115.US.
   EA1088.   I need to find the description for these two pieces.  I had one in the past...  quite rare.  I will try and add it on the weekend.  The larger piece is  $245.US. and the smaller piece is  $220.US.
   EA1089.   This is a Nagaland necklace type piece.  It begins with a piece of handwoven fabric 13 1/2 inches long and 6 inches wide.  Onto that is hung a brass piece which is 6 1/2 inches long.  It has two loops on the top so could be removed and used as a heavy pendant.  It is old, worn, and has three faces on it.  Below that, incised bone pendants are hung, and below them are brass bells which have been beaded onto the piece.  It has a cord so that it can be hung around the neck.  I think this is a great display piece in your Naga collection.  A valuable thing alongside would be the book "The Nagas:  Hill Peoples of Northeast India" - full of photographs of the peoples and their hand made items.   $450.US
   EA1090.   These beads are from somewhere in the Naga area.  They are nicely woven like a lace collar and are still strong and wearable.  When laid flat the piece is 34 inches around and hangs  3 1/4 inches long.  It displays well, and is an interesting piece to (carefully) wear as well.  $275.US.  
silver carnelian ring from Afghanistan    EA2005.   Rings like this are often sold as "antique".  This is a new ring though, made in the old manner.  It is very beautiful, set in the front with a glowing orange carnelian a little over 1/2 inch across and set with turquoise at the side.  The ring is 1 1/2 inches from back to front and decorated on all parts.  I can't find my ring sizer at the moment - so for sizing, the interior of the ring is 3/4 of an inch across   (size 9).  $210.US.

antique stone pendants Iran   EA2019.   There are three stone pieces from Iran here.  The first piece is a 2 inche long stone amulet in shades of grey agate.  It has two raised parts with small stringing holes going through them.   $85.US.  #2 is a small piece of flat round carnelian (3/4 inch across) set into silver.  $30.US.   #3 is a good sized piece of cut agate set into bronze.  It is 1 1/2 inches wide.  It is an anciet piece that was once strung through a hole across the top but that has broken long ago so the only way that it could still be worn, was if it was set into a pendant.   $85.US.    (#2 is available)
ancient silver coins   EA2021.   Pair of coins #1 - 5/8 inches across  - $45.US.   Coin #2 with hole and with remains of pendant fastening.  7/8 inches across - $25.US.   Coin #3 - Sassanian with the emperor on one side and complex image on the other - 1 3/16 inches across - $85.US.   Coins #4 - seven coins ready for a bracelet or necklace or earrings...  $75.US.   (#2 is available, the rest are sold)
ancien tbronze pendants Iran   EA2024.   These antique metal pieces are made like horse shoes.  I don't imagine that they were actually used, but simply used as good luck pieces.  Luck is invoked around the world in similar manners - and these are from Iran.  The metal seems to be bronze and has a rusty look to its patina.  I think they would make great pendants with a story to tell...   They are a good size, about 3 1/4 inches tall.   $45.US/each   (#1 is available)

   EA1008.  Here is a group of good silver old beads from Afghanistan.  They are very typical but constanly more difficult to get.  #1 is slightly less than 2 5/8 inches long and is 1 inch in diameter  - $62.US.   #2 is 1 5/8 inches long and quite heavy - $35.US.   #3 is 1 3/4 inches long - $22.US.   #4 is slightly over 3 inches long with beads of 3/4 inch in diameter - $65.US.   Bells #5 - there are seven bells all showing quite a bit of wear from age and use - $55.US.   (#5 is available)
   EA909.   The first item here is a group of silver bead caps - there are 8 of them, made for beads with a diameter of 3/8 inch.  #1 - $18.US.  #2 has 34 silver bead caps made for beads of 9/16 inch in diameter - $95.US.   #3 is a pair of silver pendants decorated with colourful glass.  Each is different than the other - they would make great eclectic earrings.  $44.US.   (#2 is available)
   EA912.   There are five items here, the first being a pair.  This is all good silver, some of them being gilded with gold as well.    #1 is a pair of pendants which are generally worn on clothing, one on each side of the chest.  These are decorated with carnelian, and each has two hanging loops on the back.  $145.US.   #2 is 4 1/2 inches tall, gilded and decorated with gilding.  This has one hanging loop at the back but also can be strung with the small holes around the top half.  $65.US.   #3 has a hanging loop at the top.  It is 4 5/8 inches tall and 1 7/8 inches wide.  $62.US.   #4 is decorated with glass - $32.US.   #5 has a triangular pendant which is about 1/5 inch thick.  $55.US.   (#1 is available)
   EA921.   This is a pair of pendants from Afghanistan - normally worn with one on each shoulder, attached to the clothing.  One still has the hooked piece attached to it for fastening.  The 2 1/2 inch long pieces still have some gilding on them, and are decorated with very small red beads.  The piece is over 1/4 inch thick and decorated the same way on each side.  From top to bottom they average 6 1/2 inches in length.  $285.US/pair.
   EA961.   Antique Islamic brass stamps with stringing holes -  from Iran.  #1 is $75.US.  #2 is $70.US.   (#2 is available, #1 is sold)
   EA968.   Here is a group of pendants from Iran, some with agate set into them, and the first two with coins hanging from them.  Items from Iran are becoming fewer and more expensive....  Pendant #1 - 2 1/2 inches tall - $95.US.   Pendant #2 - 2 3/4 inches tall - $95.US.   Pendant #3 - over 1 1/2 inches tall - $60.US.   Pendant #4 - 1 1/8 inches tall - $70.US.   Pendant #5 - $45.US.   Pendant #6 - $25.US.   Pendant #7 - $35.US.   (#5, #6 & #7 are available, all others are sold)
   EA811.   From Afghanistan -  #1 is an old ivory comb - 3 3/8 inches by 1 7/8 inches - graceful and simple and around 100 years old...  $200.US.   #2 is a silver comb with tiny bells hanging from the bottom.  The engraving is the same on both sides.   - $200.US. (#1 is available, #2 is sold)
   EA819.   These are new pumtek beads.  The colour is more consistent in real life than on the scan - they don't have that yellowish colour that seems to have emerged in the picture but the natural colour of pumteks.  These are tiny beads and beautifully made.   $85.US/each strand   (#2 is available)
   EA821.   This is a new ring, made in Thailand, with old influences.  It is made of good silver with nicely coloured coral and turquoise.  The decorative part of the ring is 1 7/8 inches long and slightly over 3/4 inch at the widest - size 9.5   $225.US.
   EA826.   Tibetan hammered square with two loops on the back for fastening.  2 3/8 by 3 inches.  $135.US.
   EA831.   Here are three silver rings from the east.  #1 is from Yemen and is a size 8  - $150.US.   Ring #2 is from Iran and is a size 10 - $100.US.   ring #3 is from India and is a size 8 - $135.US.   (#3 is available, #1 & #2 are sold)
  EA853.   Here is another selection of antique silver pendants from Afghanistan with prices on the scan.   (#5 is available, all others are sold)
   EA790.   Two thirty inch strands of beads, one shut with a silver coin, and the other shut with a slice of jade.  They each have a shell bead in the center as well as Chinese beads which look Venetian.   $110.US/each strand.   (#1 is sold, #2 is available)
   EA791.   Strands #1, #2, #3 are $95.US/each strand.   (#2 is available, the rest are sold)
   EA797.   These pendants are great grouped together on a necklace or as central pendants.  Some of them have the vague remains of gilding on them, giving them the vaguest tinge of gold.  group #1 - 1 1/16 inches wide.  $105.US.   group #2 - 1 3/16 inches wide.  $120.US.   group #3 - 1 1/8 inches wide. $130.US.   group #4 - $80.US.   (#2 is available, the rest are sold)
   EA668.   Well, there is something very intriguing about this old silver Tibetan spoon (around a century old).  It is 5 1/4 inches long and set with a robust coral bead.  The piece has been hammered into shape, and decorated with more hammering of patterns, both graceful and evocative of that ancient culture.  The spoon has a hanging loop on the back with a fat jump ring slipped through it so that it could be carried by a traveller for use when needed.  To that is attached a 6 inch long silver chain made by folding silver hoops into each other.  I would love to see this worn as a pendant as it hangs with the smaller spoon end at the top, and the larger weightier one at the bottom.  $625.US.
   EA693.   Silver ring studded with a bright clear gem of yellow glass.  size 9 1/2.   $75.US.
  EA709.   One ancient agate bead with hole going through and remains of ancient patterns.  $155.US.  Three ancient gaming pieces - tall domes with flat bottoms made of agate - very charming and sculptural...   #1 - 7/8 inches tall and 1 1/8 inch across - $135.US.   #2 - 7/8 inch tall and 1 inch across with dot in the middle of the flat bottom - $125.US.   #3 - 7/8 inch tall and 7/8 inch across - $115.US.  
   EA643.   There are three bronze antique Islamic seals illustrated here.  They have arisen from long burial in Persia.  Each one of these pieces has holes for stringing - #1 is 5/8 inches tall with a hole across the top of the stem.  It is covered with writing and a date, which I can't quite make out.   $45.US.     #2 is 3/4 of an inch in diameter and has an interesting pattern cast into it.  It has 2 holes going across the back.   $45.US.     #3 is 7/8 of an inch tall and very sturdily built.  It is covered in writing as well and is quite lovely.   $65.US.  (#2 is available)
  EA619.   Chinese beads - not antique but made to look old.  They are interesting though, and have a great texture to them.  They have been strung with brass beads and decorated with a flourish of old shell pendants.  There are 34 inches of beads averaging 5/8" in diameter.  The shells measure about 2 inches in length.   $220.US.
EA512.   Strand #1 has 6 silver beads plus one pendant, 1 3/4 inches long including loop.  This is quite a lightweight piece made of old beat-up beads.  It needs restringing and perhaps a clasp.   - $125.US.   Strand #2 - the necklace here is just over 16 inches long.  It has fat loopy beat up beads on it that are rather fascinating.  The pendant including loop is 1 1/8 inch long and newer than the other silver beads.  The piece could really use a re-stringing as it is very crudely made.  Fun beads though.   $125.US.   (#1 is sold)
  EA525.   There are two items here - one is a silver button which has been gilded on top and centered with a green glass bead.  It is round and cut in a floral design - on the scan it is leaning to one side.  The back of the button is studded with an Eastern coin.  $25.US.  The silver beads come from Afghanistan.  They are deeply carved and quite heavy (about 50 grams) and made before the 1900s.  They are substantial and very attractive.  The largest bead is 2 1/8 inch long, the smaller beads are about 1 7/8 inch long.  $85.US for the three. (pin is available, all others are sold)
  EA570.   This is a good sized antique silver pendant from India.  The silver pendant measures 3 inches from top to bottom and is about a hundred years old or so.  You can see the aged silver on the back of it.  The piece started with a square of silver and the little rings and decorations have all been placed on it and cast there.  The central square was hammered to stick out a little with a curved piece soldered above it.  The piece is deceptive on the scan as it has a raised center piece which sticks up 1/2 inch in all.  That is hard to see in the image.  This has a kind of clumsy elegance to it that I really like.  $95.US.

EA368.  This piece is written in a Chinese script and luckily for me a friendly visitor to the site sent in a translation.  This is acid etched onto a piece of sterling silver.  It measures 4 1/4 by 3 1/8 and weighs in at over 2 ounces.  The silver surface has some scratches that were drawn in by the artist who originally wrote the script in a resist material.  It also has a couple of newer scratches and has been banged around a bit, so it is bumped here and there.  It's not a piece of jewelry, but it's fascinating and very attractive, and an antique. This is what I have been told:  "This appears to be some sort of wedding plaque.  Going from right to left, and reading up--down, it says Yong Fang Brother and  XX Lian Sister  (reading from left to right), then in large letters "Happy Household/Home" (Kuai Le Jia Ting), followed by "brothers--4 names---respectfully submit/give), at the far left.  The 4 men have 3 different surnames (Yu and on top, two Wangs below), so they're not kin; a cousin or such would be named appropriately.  My guess is that all the men probably belong to some sort of organization. Itis also possible they all belong to a Christian church, which is why the bride is referred to as "sister."  Given the style in which it's written, and the informality of the plaque (Happy Home instead of more traditional wedding wording) my guess is that it dates to sometime in the second half of the 20th century."   $45.US.
EA326.   Silver hat ornaments from China.  Qing Dynasty - 19th century.  $115.US/each  (#1 & #2 are available)
EA328.   This silver grooming set from China has 3 implements suspended from a lion enamelled in a dark green.  The lion is in turn suspended from a 6 inch long chain which is topped by an enamelled hook attachment - also dark green.  The piece measures 16 inches long in total and the lion (a sign of strength and power) is 1 1/2 inches across.  The implements also have been enamelled in the same dark green, but much of it has worn off over the years.  One piece is for scooping earwax, one is a set of tweezers, and the last has a small spoon or scoop at the bottom as well.  I am not sure what it was used for.  I would date this to the mid19th century.  $125.US.
EA239.    These seven silver coin buttons date from the 1930s.  Republican, nationalistic Chinese coins, these represent the practical decorations typical of the early communist period.  The two larger buttons measure 7/8 inch across and the smaller ones 3/4 inch.  These are sturdily put together and ready to wear or use in some other way.  Very interesting and unique...  $45.US.
EA222.   These are more beads from an antique curtain which once hung in the door of a brothel or bar in the late 1800s - probably in the "wild West".  The tubular beads, although probably made in Europe are described as "Chinese straw beads" as I suppose they are rather like hollow straws - with delicate glass walls instead of paper.  These beads are quite fragile and I had to discard quite a lot of broken ones.  The tubes in the upper strands are brilliant blues, turquoise and greens - mixed together at random.  Separating the straw beads are smaller "tile beads" which originated in Bohemia, or Czechoslvakia.  The lower strands use goldish coloured short, irregular "straw beads" as dividers.  These are very unique.  Lightly washed with some residue still left inside...  24 inch long strands with "straw beads" averaging 3/16 inch in diameter.  $12.US/each strand.  $110/10 strands.
EA230.   Ring #1 - double finger silver ring from India - finger sizes 9 & 10 - $75.US   (sold)
               Ring #2 - silver ring with repousse Lion motif from Afghanistan - size 7.5-8.5 - $85.US  (sold)
               Bracelet #3 - child's silver dragon terminal bracelet from Afghanistan - inner diameter 1 5/8inches - $75.US
EA138.   This torque is made of wires of twisted silver onto which have been soldered 7 silver coins.  The three irregularily shaped hand struck coins are from India or Afghanistan from the early to mid 1800s.  The more regular, milled coins are from Afghanistan.  One is dated AH1316 (AD1898).  Afghanistan, Iran and India have similar traditional coinage but this coin features a stylized mosque which is a national symbol of Afghanistan.  Within it is the mihrab, a niche indicating the direction of Mecca.  On the reverse of the coins is a stylized design (or tougra) which represents the signature of the Sultan.  The script on the coins is in Persian  The torque could have colourful string, perhaps with tassels at the back to tie the two loops shut.  It sits very nicely and flatly along the perimeter of the neck.  A similar torque can be seen on page 99 of "the Arts & Crafts of the Swat Valley" by Kalter..  $210.US.
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