I have jewelry here that I brought back from the magical town of Oaxaca including Yalalag crosses and contemporary interpretations of the crosses bringing in local cultural influences.  There are earrings that have typical qualities but also an influence of the jewellery maker. They are more attractive than I can capture in my photos.
Some of the pieces below come from the silver city of Taxco as well.  Very few workshops continue to make traditional work but I did find a jewellery artist who added his interpretations to traditional imagery, made with high quality and lots of imagination.  All very exciting and always better in real life.

Yalalag cross   silver003.   Here is an unusual silver Yalalag cross from Oaxaca with the theme of flechas/arrows.  It is large measuring 6 1/4 inches tall with three dangling decorated arrows.  I found this gorgeous the moment I first saw it.   $365.US.  (sold)
Yalalag cross   silver004.   This is the simplest of the Yalalag crosses that I have as the basic parts are carved from sheet silver with designs hammered into them.  They contrast nicely with the round accent beads.  The piece is 5 1/8 inches tall.  $210.US.
Oaxaca cross   silver007.   Here is another interesting cross from Oaxaca with the hanging loop behind the flaming heart at the top.  There is a bird perched on one side of the cross.  The rest of the milagros hanging on it are moveable.  The cross is 3 1/4 inches tall.  $200.US.
silver pendants   silver009.   There are three gorgeous silver pendants here from an artist in Taxco.  Pendant #1 is 2 1/4 inches tall and an image of the Virgin of Guadalupe.   Pendant #2 is 2 3/4 inches tall and illustrates a hand holding a heart.   Pendant #3 is 2 1/2 inches tall and seems to be a combination of heart and pavon/peacock.   Pendant #1 - $85.US.   Pendant #2 - $95.US.   Pendant #3 - $52.US.  (#2 is sold.  #1 & #3 are available)
Taxco earrings   silver012.   These heart earrings are 2 5/8 inches tall and made by an artist in Taxco.  The central part of the heart reflects light and catches the colours of things around it.  I love the way the flames of the heart are portrayed.   $65.US.  
Taxco hand earrings   silver014.   These silver hand earrings from the artist in Taxco have an eye on each palm.  They measure 2 3/4 inches tall.   $65.US.    (sold)
Taxco bird earrings   silver015.   These silver earrings are 2 inches tall and combine the typical symbols of hand, birds and heart.   $60.US.
Taxco earrings   silver016.   Here is an extra tall pair of silver earrings from an artist in Taxco.  There is a pin behind the flower to suspend them.  The earrings are 4 inches tall and beautifully put together with hand made complicated designs.  Six birds are included.  Gorgeous.   $235.US.   (sold)
calavera earrings   silver017.   These calavera/skeleton earrings are from Oaxaca.  The filigree work is all done piece by piece so there is a lot of labour to them.  The arms and legs swing easily and the neck swings below the head.  The calaveras are 3 1/4 inches tall and the earrings have earwires.   $175.US.
guajalote earrings   silver018.   I love guajolote earrings - the image of these fat turkeys is always attractive.  This turkey is caught in the circle.  The earrings have red glass pendants (a real true red, the pic looks pale) and measure 2 3/4 inches from top to bottom.  $195.US.   (These are sold but a smaller, simpler pair is below at silver069)
Mexico earrings   silver019.   These earrings were made in the State of Mexico.  The glass facet cabochon in the middle catches lots of light - not like a diamond of course but close enough.  There are two birds kissing and red (not faded like in the photo) glass beads for contrast.  The earrings are 2 1/4 inches tall.   $165.US.
corazon earrings   silver020.   The corazon/heart earrings have the decorative lines of a natural heart measuring 2 15/16 inches tall.  There are flames around all sides.  These are from the jewellery designer in Taxco.   $75.US.  (I have extra pairs) 
coin earrings   silver021.   These simple coin (1928 & 1937) earrings from Oaxaca are very traditional.  There is just a small dangle at the bottom of each.  They measure 1 1/2 inches tall.   $60.US.
Guadalupe earrings   silver022.   These are curious earrings from Oaxaca shaped like hearts with a paisley twist.  They are actually one bird in front of another - you can see their heads at the top.  One the body is an image of the Virgin of Guadalupe.  The earrings are a little over 2 3/4 inches tall.  $145.US.  (sold)  I have one pair that is a little smaller - 2 1/4 inches tall.  $115.US.
Mexico heart pendant   silver025.   There are two beautifully made sterling silver heart pendants here, both made in Oaxaca.  They both have loops hidden behind them to hold the chain or cord for stringing them up.  Pendant #1 is a flaming heart with a sword plunged through it.  The pattern on the front is like a crown of thorns.  The heart and flames are 1 5/8 inches tall.  $145.US.    Pendant #2 has some complicated imagery on it and is only 1 5/16 inches tall.  $38.US.   (#1 is on hold  #2 is sold)
Mexico silver pendant   silver026.   This sterling silver heart has a cut out flame design at the top, and a dagger plunged through it.  The work on these pieces is exact, artistic and well made - I am very pleased with them.  This piece is 2 inches tall and has a good sized hanging loop at the back just below the flame.  $110.US.   (on hold)
silver calavera bracelet  
silver029.   This is a gorgeous Calavera/ Catrina bracelet using imagery first created by Posado for Los Días de Los Muertos.  Political and social figures are often portrayed and sly words or poems to accompany them.  This bracelet is 1 1/3 inches by 1 7/8 inches with a 1" wide opening.  The height of the bracelet is 1 5/8 inches.   $280.US.
Frida Kahlo pin   silver030.   This is a rather dramatic sterling silver pin (or can be used as a pendant) of Frida Kahlo wearing a Tehuana resplandor around her face.  The pin is 1 1/2 inches tall.  $68.US.
jarros earrings   silver031.   This pair of earrings is a pair of jarros or judging by their size - jarritos, or pitchers.  They are quite complex to make as the jeweller has to make the round piece and then solder on the other pieces.  I wear jarros almost all of the time and get continual compliments, and when finishing swimming, they always carry a little water inside.   From top of earwire to bottom of pitchers, it is 1 1/2 inches.  $68.US/pair  (I have a few)
hand pendants Mexico    silver032.   I have a nice group of small pendants here, with similar designs as the earrings.  Pendant #1 is 2 1/3 inches tall including hanging loop.  $26.US.    Pendant #2 is 2 1/3 inches tall.  $26.US.   Pendant #3 is $26.US.    Pendant #4 has eyes with tears.  $26.US.  I have duplicates of some of these...   (#1 is remaining, the rest are sold)
silver hands earrings   silver033.   I have two pairs of these hand earrings available.  From the top of the earwire to the bottom of the pendants they measure 2 3/4 inches.  $65.US.
silver heart earrings   silver034.   I have two pairs of these heart earrings available.  They are made of sterling silver but the inner heart is brass or copper...  from the top of the earwire to the bottom of the flaming heart it is 2 1/4 inches tall.  The heart and flame are 1 1/2 inches tall.  $65.US.   (These are sold but I have a larger sized pair below at silver060)
bird earrings   silver035.   These are gorgeous peacocks with their tails in rest.  From the top of the earwire to the bottom of the tail as they sit in the ear, they are just under 2 1/2 inches tall.  $95.US.   (sold) 
silver filigree earrings   silver036.   The workshop does some gorgeous delicate and light filgree earrings.  They are very labour intensive as they are made from wires twisted and soldered together, with silver balls added for extra decoration.  This pair is slightly under 3 1/2 inches tall.  They swing beautifully.  $75.US.   (sold)
silver filigree earrings   silver037.   This is a delicate and light set of filigree earrings.  They are 3 1/2 inches tall and swing beautifully when walking.  $75.US.   (sold)
silver filigree earrings   silver038.   This pair of filigree earrings is wound and soldered into joining heart shaped pieces.  The earrings are 2 1/4 inches tall, the discs are 1 1/4 inches across and studded with a pearl in the middle.  Traditional and elegant...  $145.US.
silver filigree earrings   silver039.   These beautiful filigree earrings are complex with detailed soldering and then wired with small round coral beads.  A larger coral sits in the middle.  The earrings are 2 5/8 inches tall.  $155.US.
silver Mexico earrings   silver040.   I have had earrings like this made in Oaxaca but haven't found any more there for a while.  I am glad that I came across these in Taxco (I have 2 pairs).  The earrings are 3 5/8 inches tall and gather together many birds, the largest two suspending a horse or burro.   $135.US.
heart and birds Mexico earrings   silver041.   These lovely earrings are slightly heavier than the average and are based on the shape of the heart.  Of course lovebirds are facing each other with a dangling heart in between.  The earrings are slightly over 3 inches tall.  The dangles sparkle as one walks.  $135.US.   (sold)
modern silver bracelet Mexico   silver042.   These sterling silver bracelets are very modern with a great textured surface to them but at the same time they are influenced by the stones that were used for the pyramids and other preHispanic structures.  They hook into loops so the length can be changed a little by the choice.  The bracelets are 7 inches around to 7 7/8 inches depending on which loop you hook into.  The bracelets are 1 1/4 inches wide.   $135.US/each   (both bracelets are now sold)
modern silver earrings Mexico   silver043.   These sterling silver earrings go beautifully with the bracelets in silver042.  Again, they are based on the building rocks from preHispanic times.  Taxco is full of rocks with its cobbled streets and lots of stone buildings.  Earrings #1 are 2 5/8 inches tall - $55.US.   Earrings #2 are 2 5/8 inches tall - $55.US.   Earrings #3 are 1 7/8 inches tall - $28.US.
vintage Mexican heart pendants   silver044.   Here is a great group of vintage heart pendants coming from Oaxaca, each one a little different from each other.  They are an average of 1 7/8 inches tall and each have a strong hanging loop in the back.   Heart #1 is made of bronze but was damaged at some point and repaired with silver.  It has a cross on the back.   Heart #2 is made of silver - I don't know what grade.   Heart #3 is mixed metal and has a cross on the back similar to the first one.   Heart #4 is metal and highly oxidized for a great look.   Heart #5 seems to be a low grade silver.  They are each $75.US.   (#1 is sold, #2 & #3 are available, #4 & #5 are on hold)
Mexico Taxco silver bracelet vintage   silver045.   Here is a great sterling silver vintage bracelet from Taxco in excellent condition and ready to wear.  The bracelet has a sliding clasp to shut it tightly.  The bracelet is 5/8 inches tall at the back and the carved lapis head (I think it is lapis - dark blue with white streaks) and silver head-dress are slightly more than 2 3/8 inches tall.  The inside is 2 1/4 inches by 1 7/8 inches.  The opening hinges are on each side of the head so it opens and shuts easily.  I haven't looked up the maker but there is a photo of the stamps.  $325.US.
vintage Yalalag cross necklace   silver046.   Here is a vintage sterling silver necklace with the Yalalag cross made in a small town in the mountains outside of Oaxaca, México.  This is quite heavy at 82.8 grams.  The necklace itself is 31 inches around and the pendant including the cross is 4 3/4 inches long.  For me (5' 7 1/2" tall) it hangs to my waist.  Wearing it feels quite amazing.  $525.US.   (sold)
Yalalag cross necklace   silver047.   I have three typical necklaces with Yalalag crosses on them, bought in Oaxaca, México.  They are a tradition from a small town in the mountains.  I bought these from a jewellery store where they had been sitting for a  long time (each one is different) so are now highly oxidized.  I don't like them fully polished myself but the new owner can decide how much of the darkening should be cleaned off.   Necklace #1 has a 28 inch long chain.  The pendant part is  3 1/3 inches long.  $285.US.    Necklace #2 is 24 inches in the chain with a 3 1/4 inch long pendant.  $250.US.    Necklace #3 is 27 inches around with a 3 inch long pendant.  $265.US.
Yalalag cross   silver048.   I have always liked the unusual Yalalag crosses with the open spaces and angled shapes.  This one is 3 1/8 inches tall and is very graceful.  $95.US.   (sold)
Yalalag cross   silver049.   There are four small Yalalag crosses to be sold together.  They are each under 1 1/2 inches tall and could wind up as two pairs of earrings or pendants on a necklace.  $65.US for the group of four.   (sold)
Oaxaca silver pendants   silver050.   These are from Oaxaca, México.  Pair #1 are sterling silver pendants of the Virgin of Guadalupe.  The pair is $38.US.    Item #2 is a sterling silver heart 1 5/8 inches tall plus hanging loop.  $45.US.   (#1 is available, #2 is sold)
Taxco vintage silver pin   silver051.   This piece is a vintage sterling silver pendant from Taxco, Gro, México.  It is an Aztec motif which is rarely made these days but was very popular in the mid 1900s.  The pendant is 2 5/8 inches tall and 2 inches at the widest.  It is very nicely made of layers of silver nicely soldered together with three dangles hanging below.  I haven't seen another one like it before.  $165.US.   (sold)
red bead Yalalag necklace   silver052.   This is a lovely, long Yalalag cross necklace with red glass beads.  The beads go around 20 inches and have a silver clasp to shut it.  The Yalalag cross is 2 5/8 inches tall.  It has a head above the heart shaped body and wings so appears to be an angel.  $175.US.
Yalalag cross   silver053.   This is a great contemporary sterling silver Yalalag cross that has two birds on the pendants.  There is a disc too with the Virgin of Guadalupe on one side and Mary on the other.  The cross is 5 1/8 inches tall.  $195.US.
Yalalag cross   silver054.   This is a  contemporary sterling sliver Yalalag cross bought in the city of Oaxaca, México.  This is very typical, nicely heavy and sits well.  The piece is 4 1/8 inches long.  $165.US.  (sold)
fish earrings México   silver055.   There are two pairs of fish earrings from Oaxaca here.  Earrings #1 are 2 7/8 inches tall and have red glass eyes.   Earrings #2 have eyes that look like tiny pearls.  They are 3 inches tall.  $85.US/each pair.   (#1 is available, #2 is sold)
silver earrings Oaxaca   silver056.  These lovely earrings from Oaxaca have glass facet rectangles in them that are brighter coloured than in the photo.  They are a bright magenta colour.  The earrings are 2 3/8 inches tall, have pairs of birds on them, and tiny pearls at the bottom.   $95.US.   (sold)
Yalalag cross earrings   silver057.   There are two pairs of earrings here both featuring Yalalag crosses in different styles.   Earrings #1 are 2 1/4 inches tall - $85.US.    Earrings #2 are 2 5/8 inches tall - $95.US.   (all are sold)
Aztec calendar   silver058.   This silver chain holds the famous Aztec Calendar cast in silver.  The chain is 29 inches long and the pendant is 3/4 inch in diameter.  Simple and beautiful.  $110.US.
Taxco heart earrings
  silver060.   This pair of heart earrings comes from a great designer in Taxco, Guerrero, Mexico.  They are made of sterling silver with copper glowing in the middle.  The flaming hearts are held by a pair of birds and have an eye looking out for protection.  The earrings are 3 1/4 inches tall.  I have two pairs of these.  $98.US.   (there is a matching necklace  at silver066 below)
Taxco heart earrings   silver061.   This pair of flaming heart earrings is from a designer in Taxco, Mexico, a mountainside town of silver.  These are post earrings, and hang nicely as the silver is quite light.  The heart is suspended by two birds and has eyes watching out to protect the wearer.  The heart is protected by "barbed wire" as well.  These are a great contemporary design based on tradition - I love the combination.  The earrings are a little more than 3 1/2 inches tall.   $98.US.   (there is a matching necklace below at silver067)
silver Taxco bird earrings   silver062.   I love the oval hanging part of these earrings.  The silver is light and delicate so even though these are large earrings, they don't weigh a lot so are fine with me and my delicate earlobes to wear.  The earrings are just over 2 3/4 inches tall and the ovals are 2 1/4 inches wide.  These come from my favourite designer in Taxco.   $125.US.   (sold)
silver Taxco bird earrings   silver063.   These earrings are similar in style to the ones above (silver062) but have a flower added, with a blue glass stone in the middle.  The earrings are 2 7/8 inches tall and 2 1/4 inches across.  Birds are a strong image in Mexico - these earrings are from Taxco where traditions are strong.   $135.US.
Taxco heart earrings   silver064.   Here is another heart with barbed wire.  This one has leaves above, perhaps agave.  I couldn't show it in the photograph because of how the earrings were laying on the table, but hearts dangle from the top of the heart.  These swing nicely when one walks.  The earrings are 3 1/2 inches tall.   $110.US.
Taxco tear eye earrings   silver065.   What sweet earrings made of two crying eyes, a nose between, and what looks like a blossom above.  These are small silver earrings from a designer in Taxco.  From top of loops to bottom of tears they are 2 inches long.     $38.US.
Taxco heart necklace   silver066.   Here is a light and delicate sterling silver necklace from my favourite designer in Taxco, Mexico.  The centers of the hearts are made of copper.  The necklace is 18 inches around, the tallest heart is 1 1/2 inches tall, and the chain is hand made.   $120.US.
Taxco heart necklace   silver067.  
Here is a light and delicate sterling silver necklace from my favourite designer in Taxco, Mexico.  The necklace is 18 inches around, the tallest heart is 1 1/2 inches tall, and the chain is hand made.   $120.US.
Taxco silver heart pendant   silver068.   This sterling silver flaming heart pendant from Taxco is 1 7/8 inches tall from top of hanging loop to bottom of the pendant.   $35.US.
Guajalote earrings   silver069.  
I love guajolote earrings - the image of these fat turkeys is always attractive.  This turkey is caught in the circle.  The earrings measure 2 1/8 inches from top to bottom.   $165.US.   (sold)
Oaxaca Yalalag cross necklace   silver070.   Here is a vintage Yalalag cross necklace from the State of Oaxaca.  These are traditional crosses and chains that were made in a variety of styles.  The chain is 25 inches around and the cross is 3 3/4 inches tall.  It is made in the flecha design and very attractive.   $175.US.
silver religious pendants   silver071.  These pendants have sterling silver backs, religious imagery set in resin, and little bits of plants set within them for a 3D look.  They were bought in Mexico City.  #1 is 1 1/4 inches tall including the hanging loop.  These are $12.US/each or 3/$30.
Mexico silver rings   silver073.   These are great sterling silver rings from Oaxaca with typical Mexican imagery.  The sizes of the rings with the flaming heart and Virgin of Guadalupe can be altered.  The ring (#2) with the hand is a size 7.5.  The rings are $95.US each.
silver filegree & coral earrings   silver074.   These are absolutely amazing filigree earrings set with coral.  This is beautiful intricate and quite perfect work.  The wearer needs to be able to wear "heavy" earrings as they are 17.1 grams each.  They are 3 7/8 inches long.  The earpost has a piece that flips over it to keep it from slipping out.  This is a very old technique brought from Spain.   $325.US.   (sold)
silver filigree earrings   silver075.   Here is more excellent filigree work.  These bird earrings stand 2 1/2 inches tall, are extremely well made, and have a silver piece at the back that flips over the back of the earwire so that it does not slip from your ears.  Each earring weighs 9.9 grams.   $200.US.
silver filigree earrings & necklace   silver076.   There are both earrings and a pendant shown here.  They are all quite a good size, with the earrings (and the pendant) being  3 5/8 inches tall.  The earrings are quite heavy even though they are gorgeous filigree work, weighing 20.7 grams each.  They have a nice closure over the earwires so that the earrings cannot easily slip out.  The pair of earrings is $265.US, and the necklace is $210.US. (these are all sold now)

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