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I must recommend while I have your attention, that if Indian jewellery interest you, you must buy a copy of "Traditional Jewelry of India" and  "The Jewelry of Nepal".  Books are expensive these days, but invaluable resources if you want to fully appreciate your own collection...

silver bracelet dragon India    IND149.   This is a graceful dragon bracelet from India.  It is hollow but sectioned off inside.  One end at the mouth of the dragon has come off years ago, so you can see inside less than an inch where the section is.  This is an antique piece weighing 76.3 grams.  The inside measures 2 inches by 2 1/4 inches across the inside.  It best fits a wrist of about  7 inches around.  See page 206 of "the World of Bracelets".  It is explained there that the bracelets are worn in Rajasthan and Himachal Pradesh - originally with lions heads - a Sythian motif that came originally from Persia.  The head has gradually came to look like a dragon.  $135.US.
silver pendant from India   IND157.   Hindu amulets are important in representing a deity, and accessing their power.  A priest or shaman can activate the power so that it remains attached to that amulet forever.  This is an amulet of Ganesha, the elephant headed son of Shiva.  He has the ability to remove obstacles in one's path and works at creating good.  This is 4 1/4 inches tall, 3 1/2 inches wide, and 1/4 inch thick at the edges.  The amulet weighs 139 grams and costs   $445.US
silver ring from India   IND171.   This is an enlarged image of a silver signet ring.  It has an inscribed seal on the 11/16 inch wide oval on the front.  The ring itself is a size 9.   $45.US.
India pendant   IND186.    These are attractive antique silver pendants from India.  Each one refers to a traditional story, lesson to be learned, and god.  They are priced by weight.   #1 -2 1/8 inches tall. $48.US.    #2 - 2 1/4 inches tall. $78.US.   #3 - 2 1/4 inches tall. $62.US.   #4 - 1 3/8 inches tall. $62.US.  #5 - 1 5/8 inches tall. $65.US.   #6 - 1 7/8 inches tall. $54.US.   #7 - 2 inches tall. $38.US.   #8 - 1 3/4 inches tall. $30.US.   (#4 is available, the others are sold)
India pendant   IND188.   These two silver pendants are not "antique" but are 20 or so years old.  They are made of heavy silver in the traditional way illustrating stories of the gods.  Both of the pendants have a putty-like material on them which can be cleaned off.  I will leave that to the new owner.   Pendant #1 - 3 3/4 inches tall. $205.US.   Pendant #2 - 3 3/4 inches tall. $270.US.
India silver pendants   IND192.    Each set of pendants has its own character.  I am not sure if I could pick a favourite as each style seems to have its own aesthetic.  Pendants #1 - are 1 3/8 by 1 1/8 inches in size. $186.US.   Pendants #2 - are 1 1/4 by 1 1/8 inches in size. $82.US.   Pendants #3 - are 1 5/8 by 1 1/16 inches in size. $130.US.   (#1 is available, the rest are sold)
India pendant   IND194.    Pendant #1 is  4 1/4 inches long.  It is antique and the hanging loops are quite worn from the pendants swinging back and forth.  The pendants seem to be for cleaning the ears or some similar duty.  This needs to be worn gently. - $50.US.   Pendant #2 is 3 5/8 inches tall and quite heavy, with the addition of coloured glass and bells.  A number of the loops are wrapped with cotton thread to keep them from wearing away too quickly.  $115.US.
rings from Orisa   IND201.   These rings are both from the Kondh people of Orissa, South India.  #1 is made of silver coins (1962 & 1963) from India, shaped into a flower and decorated.  It looks very distinctive when worn.  size 7.5. - $75.US.   #2 is similar to rings shown on page 148/49 of "A World of Rings".  It is made of bronze with a flat back and circled front.  It measures 1 7/8 inches across and is a size 5 - $55.US.   (#1 is sold, #2 is available)
India ring   IND202.     This is a newish ring made in the last 40 or 50 years.  It is a signet ring with a very distinctive design on it.  One the left side of the photo you can see that a dotted pattern has been added to the ring band - it is rather intriguing.  size 10.5.   $55.US.   
Pakistan silver bracelet   IND205.   This antique silver bracelet is from Pakistan.  This is in the age range of 100 years or so, is well made with a thick slice of silver and beautifully decorated.  You can see another of this type on page 163 of "A World of Bracelets".  The author says "These shapes are shared by the Pashtun.  There are many variations on the Swat bracelet.  Bracelets with lion heads existed in Iran before the Achaemenian period."  This bracelet is highly influenced by the past.  For wearing, it must fit perfectly so that it does not fall off - as the opening is quite large (1 1/5 inches across).  A nice rounded wrist is the best, about 7 inches around.   $250.US.
Pakistan silver bracelet   IND206.   This is a similar bracelet to the one above - from Pakistan and made by the Pashtun.  It has a narrower back section.  This is also best on a rounded arm of 7 inches around or so.  It needs to grip closely to stay on.   $240.US.
larger silver lingham   IND208.   Large, antique silver Lingham with silver chain.   $900.US.
silver Indian pendants   IND209.   #1 is  $68.US.   #2 is  $28.US.   #3 is  $66.US.   #4 is  $52.US.   #5 is  $28.US.   #6 is  $48.US.   (#1, #4 & #5 are available, all others are sold)
India brass bracelet with bells   IND211.   Brass bracelet with bells.   $65.US.
India brass bracelet   IND212.   Brass bracelet/cuff with intricate designs.   $120.US.
Nagaland shells & carnelian   IND213.   Antique Nagaland shell pieces and carnelians.   $465.US.
India   IND272.   I have a group of very old, very well used Lingham boxes or caskets here.  They all need cords or chain for suspension.  According to "Traditional Jewelry of India", "The lingam is used as a meditation device to allow the worshipper to concentrate on Shiva.  In daily worship, the lingam is removed from its casket and placed upright in the left palm with the indented dot facing the worshipper, who pours a water or milk libation over it with the right hand while reciting appropriate mantras.  The water offering or milk that falls into a tray placed below is collected and imbibed by the worshiper, since to drink this sacred liquid, which has theoretically contacted the lingam, purifies and strengthens the individual and expels all sin.  After the ceremony, the encased lingam is dried, wrapped in cloth, and returned to the casket, ready to be worn again."  
This antique silver box is 2 3/8 inches wide and 1 3/4 inches tall.   $400.US.
India   IND273.   This antique Lingham box is a very unusual shape.  It is 2 1/4 inches wide and 2 1/2 inches tall.  I photographed the more damaged side.  The other side is more attractive.   $360.US.
India   IND274.   This antique Lingham box is a traditional shape like that of an egg.  It is 2 1/2 inches wide and 2 1/8 inches tall.  These are all very memorable pieces, over 100 years old.   $350.US.
India   IND275.   This antique Lingham box has decorative panels on the side that look like clover shapes.  It is 2 1/2 inches wide and slightly over 2 inches tall.   $380.US.
India antique ring   IND276.   This is a very beautifully made, quite heavy antique silver ring.  I am not sure of the origin.  size 12.   $95.US.
India pendant   IND277.   This pendant is 1 1/2 inches tall.  $49.US.
India pendants   IND279.   There is a group of antique silver pendants from India here:  #1 is 1 3/8 inches tall.  $44.US.   #2 is 1 inch tall.  $14.US.   #3 is 1 3/16 inches tall.  $18.US.   #4 is 1 3/8 inches tall.  $32.US.   #5 is 1 5/16 inches tall.  $20.US.   #6 is 1 3/8 inches tall.  $24.US.   #7 is 1.5 inches tall.  $45.US.   #8 is 1 7/16 inches tall.  $30.US.   #9 is 1 1/2 inches tall.  $18.US.  (#2 is sold, the rest are available)
India pendants   IND280.   Here is a group of antique silver pendants from India:   #1 is 1 1/8 inches tall.  $24.US.   #2 is 1 1/2 inches tall.  $14.US.   #3 is 1 1/8 inches tall.  $54.US.   #4 is 1 11/16 inches tall.  $56.US.   #5 is 1 1/2 inches tall.  $38.US.   (#2, #4 & #5 are available, all others are sold)
India pendants   IND281.   There are three antique silver pendants from India here:   #1 is 2 3/8 inches tall.  $89.US.   #2 is 2 1/8 inches tall.  $42.US.   #3 is 2 1/4 inches tall.  $110.US.  (#1 is available, #2 is sold)
India pendants   IND282.   There are two antique silver pendants from India here:   #1 is 1 3/8 inches tall.  $70.US.   #2 is 1 7/16 inches tall.  $78.US.  (#2 is available)
India silver pendants   IND283.   Here is a group of antique silver pendants from India:   #1 is 1 9/16 inches tall.  $24.US.   #2 is 1 3/4 inches tall.  $30.US.   #3 is 1 3/4 inches tall.  $38.US.   #4 is 1 1/2 inches tall.  $42.US.   #5 is 1 3/4 inches tall.  $48.US.   #6 is 1 7/16 inches tall.  $28.US.   #7 is 2 3/16 inches tall.  $48.US.   (#3, #4 & #6 are available, the others are sold)
India silver pendants   IND285.   This complex and heavy antique silver pendant from India is 2 7/8 inches tall.   $148.US.
India silver pendants   IND287.   This antique silver pendant from India is 3 1/8 inches tall.   $200.US.
India ring   IND289.   This antique silver ring is very similar to one on page 133 of "a World of Rings".  The finger part is made of copper, but the built up piece above is all silver.  The ring has a bell inside so it is noisy when you shake your hand.  size 8.   $50.US.
betel nut cutter India   IND296.   I have two very attractive sets of betel nut cutters here.  They are each antique and have been used quite a lot already.  This piece is brass and covered with circles in all sizes.  It is constructed (not cast) with some fanciful extra decorations.  When closed it is 6 1/4 inches across at the longest.  As in ancient tradition, betel or "areca" nuts are sliced, then wrapped in betel leaf along with lime and various flavourings.  They are chewed as a slight stimulant in the modern world.  You can read more about them here:  betel nuts.  Each betel nut cutter is an individual collectible piece.   $175.US.
betel nut cutter India   IND297.   Here is the second betel nut cutter.  It is antique, made of brass, and decorated with circles and little hammered 3 sided shapes.  When closed it is 6 1/4 inches from end to end.  I find the handles very comfortable to hold - there must be something else it could be used to cut as well...   $175.US.
silver bracelet   IND298.   I believe this old silver piece started its life as an ankle bracelet for a girl.  It works fine as a bracelet pushed up my arm a little (because I have a small wrist) or dangling over my hand or would fit more closely - someone with a larger wrist than mine...  The hollow and hinged bracelet measures 3 1/2 inches by 3 1/4 inches on the outside, and 2 1/2 inches by 2 1/4 inches on the inside. This has had some words engraved into it long ago which are written in Hindi:  Gmar Gula Suma Chnar.  The bracelet weighs 131 grams and is priced at a bargain - $285.US.
antique silver ring India   IND299.  The is a heavy antique silver ring that needs to fit nicely to stay reasonably stable.  It is a size 8 and meant to fit a middle finger.  This is a creative and complex ring with dangles all around the outside, meant to move when the wearer moves or dances.  From the point on top of the ring to the bottom of the ring band measures 2 3/8 inches long and the wides part of the stack (rather like a wedding cake) is 1 5/8 inches across.  The top of the ring opens - I don't honestly know how it was used.  It doesn't have a lock on it but stayes securely shut.   $245.US.
India silver necklace   IND303.   I have had this necklace sitting in the office for a few years and I have kept forgetting to list it.  While sitting here the silver has patinated and the pieces need a good cleaning now.  The 11 stamped discs are thin and measure 1 3/4 inches across in diameter.  The necklace itself (beads slipped over an Indian woven chain) is 17 1/4 inches around.   $350.US.
India antique chain   IND304.   Here is a 35 1/2 inch long antique chain from India.  It is very nicely made but is missing the pin that one inserts to close it.  One end has a hook on it, and the more decorative end has an opening.  Once the hook is inserted a small pin with a fat head on it is generally screwed in.  Most jewellers would be able to make a replacement for a reasonable price.  The chain weighs 61.4grams.  $325.US.
India antique silver pendant   IND305.   This is a very unusual square antique silver pendant with spiritual meaning.  I can't read it myself - it may be a "magic square" that is hammered into the center of the piece.  The pendant is 2 7/8 inches across and 2 3/4 inches from top of square to bottom.  Including the hanging loops it pendant is 3 inches tall.  $260.US.
India silver pendants   IND309.   There are 5 antique traditional silver pendants here tied together right now.  The pendants average 1 1/2 inches from end to end and weigh an average of 25grams each.  They are $135.US each pendant.

The beaded items starting at IND105 and finishing with IND108 are intriguing pieces from the Rabari in Gujarat, India.  Looking in the book "BEADWORK:  a World Guide" I found some similarly made pieces with the same components.  In the book it says "The Rabari, one of the largest groups of pastoralists, use beadwork to edge the small bags they make as part of a bride's dowry."  It also says "Rabari beadwork is quite distinctive in style, and though predominantly white and primary colours, like Kathi-style beadwork, it is quite easily recognized as Rabari -- small white shells and white button are often included, the latter in particular mark a piece as Rabari."  These are all difficult pieces to find outside of Gujarat.
   IND127.   These are great pendant/magnets.  They have round magnets at the back which can be removed, and the links on top to make them pendants can be folded behind the matchbox pieces.  These are rather clumsily made but compelling in their designs.  Very cute.  The largest ones are 2 inches by 2 1/2 inches.   $10.US/each. (#4 & #11 are available)  
   IND135.   There are lots of small silver items from India here, priced by weight.   #1 - 2 3/8 inch long bead - $52.US.   #2 - 1 3/4 inch long amulet - $17.US.   #3 - 2 amulets, 1 1/8 inches long - $19.US.   #4 - ring with green glass stone - $12.US.   #5 - 1 1/2 inch long amulet -  $18.US.   #6 - 3 1/8 inch long decorative amulet  - $75.US.   #7 - 3 little amulets - $32.US.   #8 - 2 bells - $17.US.    (#1 & #4  are available, all others are sold) 

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