In my searches for traditional rebozos and jewelry in Mexico I couldn't help but admire some of the contemporary work that I found there.  I decided to create a new page for new pieces that excite me.


I was very happy to meet Gabriela Sanchez on my last trip to Mexico, talk with her about the inspirations for her jewelry, feel her impossible energy, and take in the beam of her constant smiles.  Her work is inspired by Mexican cultural history which she re-interprets and carries into today's world.  Every piece is different with an unpredictable and eclectic variety of gemstones, amber and pearls, fascinating imagery, and all inspired by the events of her own life.  The work is excellent, the silver is sterling, and many of the pieces include her signature.  If you open the display card you will see a list inside of the names of the gemstones included in the pieces.

The note she wrote regarding the sense of her pieces is this:

Tu lo vas a sentir, tu lo vas a descubrir.
Esta pieza tiene una energia especial para ti.

Feel it...  enjoy it...  discover it...
This piece has a special energy just for you.

Gabriela Sanchez bracelet   NOW-001.   Gabriela makes great use of images of loteria cards - a traditional game in Mexico rather like BINGO but played with cards with images on them (and title beneath), rather than with letters or numbers.  The silver pendant of this loteria card "la Corona" (the crown) is 1 inch tall, and hung with gemstones.  The bracelet has some amazingly wild shaped pearls with gemstones as well.  The clasp is made of a pair of legs which hook through a ring - quite wonderful.  About over 7 1/2 inches long when closed.   $110.US.   (sold)
Gabriela Sanchez ribbon necklace Guadalupe   NOW-004.   The Virgin of Guadalupe is a saint very important to those in Mexico.  She has huge protective powers like a mother watching over her children.  This is a sweet little pendant  of the Virgin standing on a heart.  The silver part is just over an inch tall, and the entire pendant (including lapiz and turquoise) is 2 1/2 inches tall.  You can wind the soft blue ribbon twice around your neck and knot it in the front for a gentle look - always with a very individualistic sensibility.   $65.US.   (sold)
Gabriela Sanchez fish necklace and earrings   NOW-005.   What delicate little fish, bringing back memories of those in the waters of el lago de Patzcuaro.  Patzcuaro Lake in the state of Michoacan.  This would be beautiful either on an adult or a child.  The pendant on the necklace (made up of narrow strips of suedine in pink and blue) is 1 1/2 inches long.  The stud earrings are each 7/8 inches long with the most delicate little fish.   $45.US.
Gabriela Sanchez loteria necklace   NOW-006   This necklace of a combination of four colourful strands is 16 inches long.  The typical and humorous loteria card of "el Borracho" (the Drunk) is the pendant card - 1 inch tall hung with gemstones and a nice lightly faceted amber bead from the Gulf of Mexico.  The stud earrings are topped with tiny little crowns.  They measure 1 1/8 inches tall and feature turquoise and amethyst.   $68.US.  
Gabriela Sanchez silver chair earrings   NOW-010.   What marvellous earrings!  Although thoroughly Mexican they did make me think of the song "Closing Time" by Montrealer Leonard Cohen.  In the video you can see chairs slowly tumbling through the air above Cohen's head in the Toronto bar that he sang about.  The chairs are impeccably made and decorated with floral designs on seat and back.  They are an inch tall, and when measured from the top of the ear hoop to the bottom of the gemstone & pearl dangles they are 3 3/8 inches tall.  What a wonder they are!   $125.US.
Gabriela Sanchez earrings   NOW-011.   These stud earrings feature the traditional tree of life "Arbol de Vida" of Mexico.  All life on earth is related to all other life.  One is never alone and the best life is one that respects and assists the community around us.  The entire earrings are 3 inches tall and have wonderful circular pieces of amber from the Gulf of Mexico hanging.  Attached are garnets.   $75.US.   (sold)
Gabriela Sanchez earrings   NOW-012.   Here is another pair of earrings (this time with a hanging loop) that feature the traditional tree of life "Arbol de Vida" of Mexico.  The trees tell a story for the viewer to interpret.  This pair of earrings is quite heavy, so do have strong ear lobes to support them.  They measure 3 inches tall and hold a heavy tear drop of turquoise.  $85.US.   (sold)
Gabriela Sanchez pinata earrings   NOW-013.   These earrings are quite brilliant and full of humour as they will swing like the pinatas that they are, when you move swiftly or dance.  The typical burro and the star pinatas can be found in most markets.  They are hung with gemstones that make me thing of the candies that go flying when the pinata is broken.  The studs are like flowers with a center of amethyst.  The earrings are 3 inches from top to bottom.   $85.US.   (sold)
Gabriela Sanchez amber earrings   NOW-016.   These are the sweetest stud earrings with graceful little butterflies and chunks of amber from the Gulf of Mexico.  They measure slightly under an inch tall.   $45.US.   (sold)
Gabriela Sanchez agave earrings   NOW-018.   Here is a pair of agave earrings.  Blue agave is used for making tequila and mezcal.  Agave is also used for a sugary nectar, and branches are roasted to eat.  The flowers are edible too.  At the same time, they are admired for their beauty and their decorative nature on the landscape.  These earrings are 2 inches tall and have diamonds of amber hanging from them.   $75.US.
Gabriela Sanchez loteria cuff links   NOW-020.   This is the only pair of cuff links that I have.  The loteria cards are "la Dama" (the woman) and "el Catrin" (the man who is a bit of a dandy.  The loteria cards are 1 inch tall  and are backed with a curve of silver and a back part to lock them into the buttonholes.  They would be rather wonderful for an engagement party I think - with my sense of humour engaged.   $105.US.
Gabriela Sanchez rocking horse ring   NOW-021.   What a playful silver ring - Gabriela has a sense of the importance of games and toys in our lives.  They are not to be left behind but still enjoyed in this all too serious world.  The rocking horse is perfectly made with every detail and stands 5/8 inch tall.  It looks real from all directions.  The entire ring is 1 1/2 inches tall and a  size 6.5.   $95.US.
Gabriela Sanchez Guadalupe ring   NOW-022.   Here is a ring of the Virgin of Guadalupe, the famous saint of Mexico.  Her shrine is the most visited place for Catholic pilgrims in all of the world.  Guadalupe is standing on a heart and surrounded by rhodocrosite cabochons.  The image on the front is 1 1/5 inches tall and the ring is a size 6.  The ring is made so that it can be pulled larger to a size 6.5 or 7.   $120.US.
Gabriela Sanchez loteria ring   NOW-023.   I was amazed when I saw the rings that Gabriela Sanchez created - such exuberant, energetic, and colourful pieces absolutely full of ideas.  This ring has a loteria card of "la Dama" (the woman) with a pink gemstone heart above her head.  Around her is a variety of colours of gemstones.  Below is an oval of rich purple amethyst.  The top measures 1 7/8 inches long and the ring size is 6.5.  The ring is made to adjust so that it can be pulled to be a little larger - a size 7 or 7.5.   $160.US.
Gabriela Sanchez loteria ring   NOW-024.   I fell in love with one ring after another when looking at the work of Gabriela Sanchez.  The image of a crown is always appealing to me - this loteria card is "la Corona".  Underneath la Corona is an oval of an unusual stone - it has a rough surface that glitters with tiny reflections.  Beneath that are three facet amethysts.  The top of the ring is 1 5/8 inches long.  The ring is a size 7.  It was made so that it can be comfortably adjusted to a size 7.5 or 8.   $160.US.   (sold)
Gabriela Sanchez loteria ring   NOW-025.   The silver loteria card here is "las Jaras" (the Arrows).  There are rhymes that go with each loteria card:  Las jaras del indio Adán, donde pegan, dan.  You can see the arrows with different symbolisms in Mexico.  Since they are tied together with a ribbon I think that it means a coming together.  The top of the ring is just under 1 1/2 inches long.  The size is 6.5.  The ring was manufactured so that it could comfortably be changed to a 7 or 7.5.   $160.US.   (sold)
pearl earrings   NOW-026.   These are delicate and tiny silver and pearl post earrings - blossoms ready to open.   They are 5/8 inch tall.  $48.US.
earrings   NOW-027.   These earrings are a little over 1 1/4 inches tall.  They are like an agave with a fruit - made of a tiny gemstone.  $68.US.   (sold)
pearl earrings   NOW-028.   These pearl earrings are 1 5/8 inches tall.  Very sweet.  $60.US.
flower earrings   NOW-029.   More from the garden.  These earrings are 1 3/4 inches tall, include amber and a gemstone.  $68.US.
papeles earrings   NOW-030.   These pearl earrings are a portrayal of silver papel picado.  The earrings are a little over 1 3/8 inches tall.     (sold)
papeles earrings   NOW-031.   These gemstone earrings are a portrayal of silver
papel picado, one floral and one with a bird.  They are 1 5/8 inches tall.   $68.US.
calavera earrings   NOW-032.   These gemstone earrings are a portrayal of silver papel picado with calaveras.  They are 2 1/8 inches tall.  .   (sold)
pinata earrings   NOW-033.   These gemstone earrings show one piece of papel picado with a bird, and a piñata.  They measure 1 3/4 inches tall.   $68.US.
papeles earrings   NOW-034.   The triple papel picados (with pearls) shimmer nicely when walking.  They measure 2 5/8 inches tall.   $125.US
papeles earrings   NOW-035.   The triple papel picados (with gemstones) shimmer nicely when walking.  They measure 2 5/8 inches tall.   $125.US.
loteria earrings   NOW-036.  These earrings portray images from the popular Mexican board game called Loteria.  La Dama and el Catrin.  they are 2 1/4 inches tall.  $95.US.
loteria necklace   NOW-037.   Here is a royal combo with the corona/crown on the necklace and tiny crowns on the post earrings.  They are all decorated with gemstones.   $110.US.   (sold)
diablo necklace   NOW-038.   I wonder if this is a humorous statement with a devil on the necklace and shoes for the earrings.  Did the devil/el diablo make you buy them?  The devil is on a satin cord but could be hung on a chain.  The earrings are on posts.  $110.US.
   NOW-039.   This is a solid silver muñeca or doll.  She is just like the traditional papier mache ones with moving arms and legs.  She is quite heavy and has a loop at the back of her head so she can be worn on the silk ribbon or strung onto a chain or a necklace.  2 inches tall.   $160.US.   (sold)
calavera necklace   NOW-040.   This silver calavera is hinged at the neck, shoulders and hips.  It measures 2 inches tall.  A very traditional image.   $110.US.   (sold)
calavera necklace   NOW-041.  
This silver calavera is hinged at the neck, shoulders and hips.  It measures 2 inches tall.  A very traditional image.   $110.US.   (sold)
papeles bracelet   NOW-042.   This is a very sweet bracelet full of silver versions of papel picados all adorned with a variety of gemstones.  It has a piñata in the center.  This is definitely a piece for a celebration.  It hooks shut with a pair of legs that fit into a ring.   (sold)
papele ring   NOW-043.   This silver papel picado ring is 3/4 by 7/8 inch in the front, is a size 6.  it can be gently adusted a size or so in either direction.  $85.US.
papele ring   NOW-044.  
This Virgin of Guadalupe silver papel picado ring is 3/4 by 7/8 inch in the front, is a size 6.  it can be gently adusted a size or so in either direction.$85.US.
Virgen de Guadalupe ring   NOW-045.   Here is a very ornate ring with an image of the Virgin of Guadalupe.  The image is over 1 1/2 inches tall.  The ring is a size 7.  It can be gently adjusted a size or so in either direction.  $155.US.   (sold)
pendant   NOW-046.   This pendant is 1 5/16 inches tall including the hanging loop on an 18 inch long chain.  (sold)
pendant   NOW-047.   This pendant is 1 5/16 inches tall including the hanging loop on an 18 inch long chain.  (sold)

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