A few steps in the process of hand weaving rebozos in the famous town of Santa Maria del Rio, San Luis Potosi

They most popularly use back-strap looms where tension is adjusted by leaning back

knots are tied onto bundles of strings to make patterns in the dying process

the knotting pattern has been delicately traced onto the threads, and then the strands are dyed

this is a place of hand-looming inside a workshop or sitting outside on a good day

even though an experienced hand works fast, it still takes many days to complete a rebozo

a loom at rest

a beautiful and intricate design

this is the final step of tying patterns in the knots of the fringe
one can arrange in advance to have words or images patterned there
this is a standard floor foot-loom in the weaving town of Patzcuaro, Michoacan