The best selection of hard to get ethnographic books on the web is at the Charles Mus Gallery.
For the most scholarly bead research site on line, check out the Society of Bead Researchers.
For another site dedicated to the serious study of beads as well as the sale of bead books, visit the Center for Bead Research.
To talk about beads, to ask questions, and to share information with other interested people, do stop by this Bead Collector site.
Calgary Coin Gallery has a reliable and knowledgeable dealer in various coins.
Another friendly and informed coin dealer, specializing in the ancients is Guy Clark.
If you know anyone who needs the best quality Italian strings (specializing in period instruments) for their musical instrument, I recommend the legendary AquilaUSA.
A truly fascinating and thorough series of illustrations of ethnic costumes from a book published at the turn of the century by Max Tilke can be found here.
And if all that you really want is a distraction, there is always the Cosmic Baseball Association.
"Embellishments" has a catalog of modern jewelry and findings, as well as many links to bead related sites.
QuinnCreative offers imaginative and inspired jewelry as well as sensitive creativity coaching.